ABB Enters New Alliance to Boost Industrial Solutions

ABB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with ATS Global to extend the reach of the ABB Ability™ Data Center Automation (DCA) business. The Netherlands-headquartered company has become a Global System Integrator (GIS). Particularly, it will work with ABB to combine expertise and resources, testing the advantages.

Hence, the collaboration will explore on the effectiveness of potential collaborations for data center customers and growing their respective businesses.

ABB Ability™ Data Center Automation will be deployed across ATS Global‘s network

Meets Needs for Reliable Automation

DCA is ABB’s industrial solution for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. It is a control, hardware, and software solution for control, monitoring and optimization of data center infrastructure. Specifically, it has mechanical control in building management system (BMS) and electrical power management system (EPMS). Moreover, it has supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities. All these in a single, ruggedized industrial solution.

ABB and ATS Global will jointly strengthen their distribution channels, improve industry knowledge, and increase lead generation. ABB will gain representatives familiar to local standards, laws, and regulations where it does not always have a presence. Eventually, the two parties intend to explore new business opportunities for data center customers across a wide range of industries.

“Our client base, some with multiple sites across geographies, has increasing requirements for reliable automation in their data center facilities as their volume of data rises,” said Martin Matse, Global Business Development Manager, Data Centers, ATS Global. “Now we have the opportunity to deploy the same standard of ABB Ability™ Data Center Automation in all of our regions, enabling improved performance and competitive advantage through technology updates, optimization solutions and continual customer engagement alongside ABB.”

Offers Complete Solutions

Madhav Kalia, Global Head of Data Center Automation at ABB said the demand for reliable data center automation solutions and digital transformation expertise is continuing to rise. In addition, Kalia said, “ABB and ATS Global can work to our respective strengths and deliver complete solutions to customers in Europe, the Americas, across Asia and Australia.”

ATS Global’s next steps with ABB’s industrial-grade integrated automation solution follows the successful execution of more than 100 data center sector projects worldwide. Furthermore, the GIS will ensure fast mobilization for ABB and existing and new customers in ATS Global’s network, maximizing uptime and availability in customer facilities.

Founded in 1986, ATS Global pushes for digital transformation and offers data center management and control services and solutions. Particularly, the team’s expertise includes building, cooling, energy, capacity, and billing. The company works with partners to ensure expert automation, quality, and IT for customers.