USI Consummates Taiwan Factory 3, to Operate in Q4

USI, a designer and manufacturer of miniaturized industrial products, has set up its third factory in Taiwan through USI Taiwan. The establishment of Nankang 2 (NK2) allows strengthening USI’s research and development presence in Taiwan. Also, this investment forms part of active expansion of its global presence and development of high-end products to satisfy customers’ demands.

Nankang 2, USI’s third factory in Taiwan, will start operation in Q4 2022.

Specifically, NK2 has a land area of approximately 13,540sq.m. while the factory floor is about 11,350sq.m. The factory will provide services for industrial handheld devices, port replicators, and wireless terminals. Also, it will start operation in Q4 2022. An estimated 500 new jobs will be created with the opening of the plant.

On Sept. 12, 2022, Musheng Chen, Director of Taichung Customs of Customs Administration, led a delegation to the NK2 Site and joined the unveiling of plaque at the ceremony with C.Y. Wei, President and Chief Operating Officer of USI.

NK2 Site is located in Nangang Industrial Park, Nantou County. It has been registered as a bonded factory by Taichung Customs. Through the regulations governing customs-bonded factories, NK2 Site can optimize the import and export process of materials and products. This process will increase the flexibility of facilitating the company’s fund, thus, enhancing the competitiveness of USI.