New Cobots from KUKA Cater to Wider Applications

KUKA AG introduces two new collaborative robot (cobot) models of the LBR iisy featuring 11kg and 15kg. The two sensitive lightweight cobots are suitable for a wide range of new tasks and applications. These features can be attributed to extended payload capacities, significantly longer reaches, and a higher IP protection class.

KUKA has introduced new variants of the LBR iisy cobots: the 11kg and 15kg models.

Makes Robotics and Automation Easy

Robotics is made easy with the lightweight cobots of the LBR iisy series. Specifically, start-up is accomplished in just a few minutes, even with no prior knowledge of robotics or programming skills. This is made possible by the new KUKA iiQKA.OS operating system that is easy and intuitive to use.

Together with the LBR iisy version for 3kg payloads, which is also available as a series product, the new “big iisys” are the first robots to run on iiQKA.OS. Typical areas of application for the collaborative robots of the LBR iisy series are in the flexible automation of pick & place, assembly, testing and handling tasks as well as the loading and unloading of machines. All cobot models in the LBR iisy series are suitable for industrial applications, offer a very good price/performance ratio and feature full KUKA service.

LBR iisy Stands for “Easy Customer Experience”

First-class hardware meets intuitive software. In combination with the new iiQKA.OS, the LBR iisy series promises a completely new robotics experience. The cobots are ready for use in less than 90 minutes. Moreover, programming is done using drag-and-drop functions. Also, convenient teaching via the ergonomic Commander and operator control via the smartPAD pro make robotics easier and quicker than ever before.

Unlike conventional industrial robots, cobots are used to supplement human labor. The manual guidance teaching function makes automation faster and easier.

The joint torque sensors of the cobots enable operation without a safety fence. They facilitate teaching by means of manual guidance, if desired, thus promote safe cooperation and collaboration between humans and robots. Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from the fast start-up of the LBR iisy with no major integration effort and no special know-how required.

Higher Payload Capacities, Greater Reach, More Freedom

The payload capacities of the two new LBR iisy variants are 11kg and 15kg respectively. The reaches are 1,300 and 930mm respectively. Both robots can be mounted on the floor as well as on the ceiling or wall. They meet the requirements of protection class IP54, thus making them protected against dust and moisture.

The LBR iisy cobots make it possible to open up new applications for automation. Perfectly suited to small and medium-sized companies.

Furthermore, human safety is a top priority in automation with the LBR iisy cobots. It adopts an injury-preventing design until implementation of the robot system’s safety functions. The collaborative robots are controlled using the space-saving KR C5 micro, which allows the robot system to be operated with 230 volts and thus makes the range of potential applications even more flexible.

In the KUKA Marketplace, cobot manufacturer KUKA offers accessories that are perfectly coordinated with the overall system. These include, for example, grippers or vision sensors for various automation applications.