Doosan Robotics Aims Higher for Global Cobot Market Leadership

Robots are one of key technology enablers for so-called DX, or digital transformation platform, as more and more companies around the world are adopting a wide variety of robots to digitalize their operations from product design to manufacturing to logistics.   

Doosan Robotics of Korea is betting on the growing adoption, raising cash not only to expand its sales, but also to flex its R&D muscle. The company has recently attracted US$33.7 million from Praxis Capital Partners and Korea Investment Partners to expand its global reach.

The robotics maker also plans to open an IPO with an aggressive ambition to become a global leader of cobots, or collaborative robots.

Doosan newly lines up a camera-topped cobot Nina

Underlying its ambition is its well-proven track record in global robotics market.

The maker has achieved annual sales of 1,000 cobots in 2021, using its proprietary technology.

70% of its sales came to overseas market, ranking it as the world’s top five cobot maker.

Its main markets are North America and Western Europe.

“We’re looking forward to expediting the growth of our business with the recent funds raised,” said William Ryu (Junghoon Ryu), CEO at Doosan Robotics. “We will further enhance the competitiveness of new products and software that are mounted with our proprietary technology and strive to attain the position as number one market share holder in the global cobot market,” he added.

The company has lined up a wide range of cobots with a load capacity of 11-15lbs (5-25kg) and working radius of 35-67 inches (900-1,700mm).

Highlighting its product line-up is an unmanned modular robot café Dr. Presso for service uses as well as a camera-topped cobot Nina, both of which are newly released.