Mitsubishi Electric Strives for Workflow Efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its ME Innovation Fund has invested in FTV LABS Pte. Ltd., the fund’s second investment in a target company. Accordingly, the Singapore-based FTV LABS provides the field service management software KEGMIL, a cloud-based solution that accelerates the modernization of legacy industries.

FTV LABS’s field service management software is helping to improve operational efficiency in manufacturing, construction, logistics and other industries. Primarily, their service focuses in Southeast Asian countries. While deskwork has been made more efficient by enterprise-resources planning and customer-relationship management systems, workers in the field still must manage records manually. For that reason, paper continues to account for a large percentage of such work. In response, KEGMIL has the potential to enable this last-mile digitization and knowledge retention.

Workflow Automation

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric and FTV LABS plan to expand mutual business in Southeast Asia by enhancing fieldwork with a mobile-first approach to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Kelvin Ong, co-founder and CEO of FTV LABS, said, “With rising demand for essential technical services and talent shortage, KEGMIL aims to empower millions of deskless professionals with workflow automation and mobile-first technologies to drive operational efficiency, service performance, and knowledge retention.”

Meanwhile, Hiroshi Sakakibara, Executive Officer at Mitsubishi Electric, said, “We are confident that KEGMIL can improve the efficiency and quality of our operational and maintenance services.”

Digital transformation is one of the key challenges for construction, manufacturing, and logistics companies. Oftentimes, repair of mission-critical assets requires complex systems of people and processes.

KEGMIL can solve issues in such industries by digitizing and automating inefficient spreadsheet and paper-based workflows. Hence, it can break down data silos and provide field service leaders with visibility and data-driven insights.