Canon to Ramp up Capacity for Chip Lithography Systems

Canon Inc. has announced the company will install new manufacturing facilities at its Utsunomiya Office in Japan. The company produces semiconductor lithography systems and other devices at the said location. In particular, the new facilities are scheduled to commence operation in the first half of 2025.

The Canon Group has implemented “Excellent Global Corporation Plan,” a series of 5-year management plans. As stated under Phase VI of the plan, the company will accelerate portfolio transformation by improving productivity and creating new businesses. As part of these efforts, Canon works to expand its semiconductor lithography system business, one of its primary strategic businesses.

Canon’s FPA-6300 wide-field, high productivity KrF scanner

The semiconductor market is expected to see continued growth amid the transition towards a “smart society.” Advancements in IoT and 5G are anticipated to lead this transition. Primarily, Canon is working to strengthen its position in products, business and support while aiming to increase its market share of semiconductor lithography systems.

Going forward, Canon responds to forecasted growth in demand in the mid- and long-term. Specifically, it will strengthen manufacturing capabilities through the installation of new facilities at Canon’s Utsunomiya Office.