Nippon Thompson Bolsters Lineup of Mechatronics Products

Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. has recently put on the market the SK…W rotary stage to its lineup of mechatronics products. Nippon Thompson has been expanding high-precision positioning tables and other products that combine linear motion guide and electronics as mechatronics products. 

The SK…W rotary stage

       The SK…W rotary stage is an infinite rotating stage, which adopts the drive method using a worm gear mechanism. A cross roller bearing adopted at the rotation guiding section is used as the table itself, whereby the rotary stage achieves high rotation waggle accuracy, high rigidity, and low cross section. The cross roller bearing is embedded in the rotation guiding section, thereby achieving shaking quantity of 5μm or less at the upper surface of the table. The SK…W rotary stage features a low cross section by adopting a cross roller bearing that exhibits high rigidity in all directions in the rotation guiding section and by using the cross roller bearing itself immediately as the table. 

       It is possible to directly attach a table of an equipment and an inspection object on the table, thus eliminating efforts to design the rotation table from scratch using mechanical components. Nippon Thompson expects the rotary stage to be demanded as a high-precision rotation mechanism from the field of inspection equipment for mechanical components.