Advantest Launches AI-Powered Software to Lift Yield

Advantest Corporation offers a new yield-improvement solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite identifying the root causes of yield loss and increasing the efficiency of analyzing test results. The innovative and scalable Advantest Cloud Solutions Engineering AI Studio for Yield Improvement (ACS EASY™) can increase the productivity of both device engineering and production operations for a wide range of users. They range from chip designers to outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies.

ACS is a highly secure scalable data platform enabling an open solution ecosystem that helps customers address the most challenging concerns in the smart manufacturing era.

Leverages Artificial Intelligence

In general, device yields are key performance indicators in semiconductor production. In turn, the process requires continuous engineering efforts to debug and fine tune. The unique ACS EASY™ application uses AI to automatically monitor test conditions and inferences to isolate and analyze the causes of yield degradation. This resolves production issues in a timely fashion, slashes troubleshooting time and dramatically reduces test workloads for data analytics.

Mainly, ACS EASY™ is capable of handling huge volumes of data. It then compares new lots’ test results with those of previous lots to quickly identify abnormal bin trends. The solution’s GUI facilitates the online sharing of test results, eliminating the need to create separate reports. Moreover, ACS EASY™ is intuitive to use and does not require operators to have familiarity with AI, machine learning, data analysis or statistics.

User Case Evaluation

A leading Advantest customer evaluated ACS EASY™’s ability to automatically analyze data from its test floor. Normally, this task used to consume 100 engineering hours per day. The new system reduced the time needed to identify the causes of yield impact by 80 percent. Also, it successfully detected multiple yield problems and causes that had been previously overlooked.

Specifically, ACS EASY™ utilizes prescriptive self-learning to categorize new yield-related issues for future monitoring and analysis. This further extends the system’s stored knowledge base, allowing inferencing applications to present bigger values.

“It has long been anticipated that the use of AI and advanced data analytics would allow IC testing to make great strides forward. That time is now with ACS EASY™, a low-cost system that is simple to install and easy to use, enabling test engineers to master data without being data scientists,” said Titan Chang, Advantest’s Field Service Group executive vice president.

ACS EASY will be available soon on the Advantest Cloud Solutions’ website.