Low-Profile Connector by JAE Supports Compact Robots

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. (JAE) has released the newly developed JN13 Series, an all-plastic, low-profile connector that is ideal for compact servomotors with metal housings. The connector contributes to space-saving and reducing the number of cables. It combines the power and brake signals necessary in servomotor function in a single connector housing.

Robots and machine tools are continuously becoming more compact. Thus, the space allocated to install servomotors into equipment are becoming smaller. Also, reducing the number of cables used are becoming more of a necessity.

JN13 Series all plastic, waterproof, compact, connector

Smaller Number of Connectors

The JN13 Series has reduced the number of connectors and cables by combining 3-position for power, 1-position for ground, and 2-position for brakes. There are 6 positions in total into a single connector package (Figure 1). Additionally, the JN13 Series can be safely used as a hybrid connector to combine the power line and signal line for the brakes using an enhanced insulation design. Taking the effects of noise being taken into consideration, a 9-position connector for encoders also available in the lineup. Both the 6-position and 9-position connectors adopt a shape where the cable exit is diagonal to the enclosure body in order to prevent the cable of the 9-position connector to interfere with the 6-position connector (Figure 3).

Simple Mating

The mating of the connectors employs a simple process. Specifically, the plug is screw-mounted through the receptacle directly to the box casing of the motor enclosure. In spite of its compact and low-profile form-factor, the connector offers exceptional connection and waterproof performances. Moreover, the superior mating structure allows the ground contact to be electrically connected while securing the connector to metal shell enclosure (Figure 2).

To add, the screw is designed so that it remains attached to the hood even in the unmated condition. This allows for superior workability during assembly and harnessing. By changing the insert component, the cable exit for the plug is selectable in 180-degree directions, allowing user-preferred cable exit orientation (Figure 4).

Contributes to Smaller Servomotors

The JN13 Series contributes to size reduction of lower profiles servomotors. Moreover, by making them a hybrid connector will reduce the number of cables required. This makes them ideal connectors for servomotors used in robots where the use of brakes is essential.