Koh Young’s Unique 3D AOI Tool Enhances Production

Working closely with Altus Group, Sellectronics Ltd has recently invested in Koh Young’s 3D AOI inspection equipment. As a contract electronics manufacturer specializing in quick turn-around prototype assembly and low volume/high mix production, investing in Koh Young’s AOI equipment will further enhance its production.  

Recognized for its innovative, high-quality PCB assembly, Sellectronics continually invest in leading-edge technology to provide assembly excellence. For that reason, the company also look for the equipment that would enable precise inspection and best performance to price ratio to increase quality further and improve production times. Hence, the company approached Altus for guidance.

Jason O’Connell, Sellectronics Director, said, “As the business grows, the company makes many investments in the latest equipment to improve processes and ensure we are capable of providing the most intricate PCB assembly service with the best possible accuracy.”

For that reason, Altus recommended the Zenith Alpha HS+ from Koh Young. As a true 3D AOI solution, it features artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, it combines optomechatronics and vision technologies to deliver outstanding performance without sacrificing accuracy.

Meets Industry 4.0 Implementation

Suitable for demanding production lines like those in Sellectrionics, Zenith Alpha HS+ improves process yields by removing the need for manual inspection. In addition, the technology incorporates AI to deliver the accuracy required for ultra-fine pitch and solder joint interreflection challenges to enhance production. Furthermore, it features KSMART, a measurement-based process analysis solution that allows for Industry 4.0 implementation with reliable full 3D measurement data.

Graham Tonkin, Sellectronics Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “Due to the precise and quantifiable measurement of the Koh Young platform, and by exploiting KSMART statistical process capability, our engineering process improvement and quality teams can aggregate real time production information. This not only removes the chances of an escape, but also to study our production processes in detail to improve our yields and drive our quality standards ever higher.”

Meanwhile, Joe Booth, Altus Group CEO, said, the equipment addition is just one of the investments that Sellectronics has made as they continue to deliver top quality electronics manufacturing.