KUKA Lifts Capacity of New High-Speed Delta Robot

The new KR 3 D1200, the latest delta robot model from KUKA AG, proves itself in pick-and-place of electronic components and other applications, carrying up to 6kg in capacity with high speed.

KUKA expands the Hygienic Oil (HO) portfolio with the introduction of the new KR 3 D1200. It performs various pick-and-place tasks at previously unattainable speeds. With maximum precision, it now moves up to 6kg of electronic parts, food, or medicine.

The new KR 3 D1200 performs pick-and-place at unattainable speeds.

Large Workspace, Little Room

Although the KR 3 D1200 features a rated payload of 3kg, it is designed for loads of up to 6kg. This makes it one of the strongest delta robots on the market. The small footprint with a diameter of 350mm makes ceiling mounting space-saving and efficient. The robot has a reach of 1,200mm and a vertical working range of 350mm. With a position repeatability of ±0.1mm and an angular repeatability of ±0.2°, the KR 3 D1200 works very precisely.

High-speed Robots for Even More Automation

The new KR DELTA impresses with unprecedented speed. In the small adept cycle and with a load of 1kg, the cycle time is less than 0.32sec. To avoid downtimes, KR DELTA has been designed to be particularly low maintenance. Encapsulated gears with lifetime lubrication and self-lubricating ball joints help to ensure that the KUKA robot can always perform. It is made mainly of carbon fiber, making it particularly light and robust. As a result, it impresses with low costs for care and maintenance and maximum productivity.

The new robot features a small footprint with a diameter of 350mm.

Industrial Robot in Hygienic Machine Version

When handling foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, the new KR 3 D1200 displays further strengths. It contains food-safe H1 lubricants as standard, which qualifies it for handling foodstuffs in secondary applications. In particular, dry, packaged products such as chocolate, bread or sweets are in good hands with it. For direct contact with raw foods, the robot’s “older brother”, the delta robot KR 3 D1200 HM (Hygienic Machine), launched in 2021, is suitable. Even under the most sensitive conditions, such as those encountered in the raw processing of meat or cheese, the KR DELTA in the HM version promises excellent hygiene.