New TDK Industrial IMU Integrates Inertial Navigation Software

TDK Corporation expands its compact and low-power InvenSense SmartIndustrial™ sensor platform family. Now, the new sensors offer support for extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. Specifically, the new families of 6-axis inertial measurement units (IMUs) target industrial and navigation applications that require high FSR performance and/or inertial navigation software.

TDK adds new members of the InvenSense SmartIndustrial™ sensor platform family.

Significant Navigation Enhancement

In particular, the IIM-42653 6-axis IMU (3 gyros + 3 accelerometers) can achieve a gyro-programmable digital output of 4000dps. Moreover, it attains accelerometer-programmable output of 32g while achieving ultra-low gyro noise. These technical features make the IIM-42653 ideal for applications that need robust, fast, and accurate performance. Among them are industrial or high-end grade automated guided vehicle (AGV), autonomous mobile robot (AMR), and drones.

Meanwhile, the IIM-42652-I 6-axis IMU (3 gyros + 3 accelerometers) offers a hardware authentication that works seamlessly with TRACK dead reckoning software from Trusted Positioning, a TDK Group company. TRACK software filters Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) multipath errors. It provides a continuous navigation solution even when GNSS signals are unavailable (e.g., indoor parking garages or warehouses). It is available through a licensing agreement. Specifically, it suits companies looking to optimize their internal navigation system performance with InvenSense IMUs or to provide over-the-air software updates to existing systems.

“TRACK has been tuned to work optimally with InvenSense sensors, and we’re pleased to expand our support into industrial ground-based dead reckoning applications with the release of TRACK for the IIM-42652-I. TRACK has been deployed in millions of automobile/machine applications and designed to give our customers control to choose different GNSS receivers and/or different processors,” said Chris Goodall, General Manager of Trusted Positioning, a TDK Group company.

“With the introduction of these new high-end navigation products, TDK continues to strengthen its SmartIndustrial product line, offering customers IMUs targeted to their needs,” said Camilo Delgado, Director of Industrial Marketing at InvenSense, a TDK Group company.

The new IMUs from the industrial and high-end navigation family deliver: 1) precise measurements enabled by highly accurate and ultra-low noise sensors. They support for extended temperature range (-40 to 105°C); 3) 4000dps and 32g, gyro and accelerometer outputs – TRACK dead reckoning software ( Moreover, they support highly accurate external clock input that helps reduce system level sensitivity error, improve orientation measurement from gyroscope data, and reduce ODR sensitivity to temperature and device-to-device variation. Finally, they feature a comprehensive development and evaluation platform along with necessary software to enable quick-to-market development of customer systems.

IIM-42653 is available now for select early partners and customers and will be available at TDK’s distribution partners in April 2023. Meanwhile, IIM-42652-I is now available at InvenSense authorized distributors.