TDK’s MEMS Features Novel Gyro Technology

TDK Corporation makes available the InvenSense ICM-45xxx SmartMotion ultra-high-performance (UHP) family of 6-axis MEMS motion sensors. This family showcases on-chip self-calibration, industry’s lowest power consumption, and the first BalancedGyro (BG) technology.

BalancedGyro Technology

TDK’s BalancedGyro technology is the first-of-its-kind gyroscope MEMS architecture that enables supreme vibration rejection and temperature stability performance. These are enhancement features never seen before in a consumer gyroscope.

Applications such as robotic vacuum cleaners and smartphones can greatly benefit from this technology as they require negligible gyro drift due to temperature and vibration fluctuations.

The ICM-45xxx family covers a wide range of consumer segments, including smartphones AR, VR, wearables, and robotics.

“Innovation in MEMS technology is the key today to meet the complex growing demands of the consumer technology market. With the BalancedGyro Technology and the lowest power consumption, the ICM-45xxx family is a pioneer in the world of consumer motion sensors,” said Pankaj Aggarwal, Vice President, Product Marketing, Consumer Motion sensors.

Self-Calibration Feature

The ICM-45xxx family also provides a new self-calibration feature that allows sensitivity calibration to be done on-chip, leading to a 10× improvement in lifetime sensor accuracy of the gyroscope. This reduces the overall rotational angle error. This feature is especially true for Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) applications that require accurate compensation of the hand rotational error while taking a picture. The self-calibration also saves significant cost and effort of performing extensive factory calibration for sensitivity error.

Lowest Power Consumption

In addition, the ICM-45xxx family offers the world’s lowest power 6-axis motion sensors in relation to competition. The ICM-45xxx allows the gyroscope to be on 40 percent of the time more than any IMU in the industry. The product family also introduces an ultra-low power accelerometer mode for low-power wake up applications.

Today’s wearables and hearables require a motion sensor that can detect high intensity workouts, activities, and gestures at the lowest possible power. This requires both the gyroscope and accelerometer to be ON, making the power consumption significantly high. ICM-45xxx bridges this gap by offering the lowest power consumer gyroscope in the industry today.

Three Products in One Family

The ICM-45xxx family comprises of three unique devices covering a wide range of consumer segments, including smartphones AR, VR, wearables, and robotics. Some of the key high-performance applications enabled by this device include OIS, head pose estimation, spatial audio, robotic navigation, and high-intensity activity monitoring.

This product family also comes with embedded motion features (APEX) such as Pedometer, Wake on Motion, Freefall, and tap detection. It has an 8KB of FIFO to allow more intelligence, power savings at a system level all in a 2.5×3×0.81mm package.