CVD’s New PVT System Orders to Boost SiC Growth

Chemical vapor deposition systems provider CVD Equipment Corporation said it has received an additional order for ten high performance physical vapor transport PVT-150 systems. Accordingly, the systems are crucial grow 150mm diameter monocrystalline silicon carbide (SiC) boules. These are essential in processing into SiC wafers used in power electronics.

The systems are scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2023.

CVD Equipment’s high performance physical vapor transport PVT-150 systems

Pivotal to Grow SiC

SiC power electronics allow for higher power density and greater efficiency than their silicon-based predecessors, enabling faster charging times and increased performance. Hence, the automotive industry is driving the uptake in SiC, given its reputation as a more efficient alternative to silicon.

Moreover, the adoption of SiC in electric vehicle inverters allows for greater efficiency, increasing range and/or reducing battery size. In addition, SiC used in charging infrastructures allows for higher performance and faster charging, which has been an accelerating trend for the electric vehicle industry.

As the demand for SiC devices for high power electronics continues to increase for electric vehicles, energy, and industrial applications, PVT is the leading manufacturing method used to grow SiC boules for wafer production. CVD Equipment has expertly engineered PVT systems to support the production of high-quality SiC boules for high yield SiC wafers. Presently offering 150mm crystal growth systems, CVD Equipment affirmed its commitment to support the critical high volume production needs for the industry. At the same time, further supporting the evolution to systems of 200 mm and above.

“CVD Equipment Corporation is ramping-up our commercialization of the PVT systems to meet the growing needs of the High-Power electronics industry. Our 40-year legacy of developing process equipment and our vertical integration has positioned us as a leading manufacturer of high quality SiC PVT systems,” said Emmanuel Lakios, President, and CEO of CVD Equipment Corporation.