THK Launches OMNIedge IoT Service for Manufacturing in China

THK CO., LTD. has launched the OMNIedge internet of things (IoT) service for the manufacturing industry in China.

OMNIedge is a system that diagnoses the status of a machine component and performs predictive failure detection. Using the THK SENSING SYSTEM, a sensor attached to the component collects data, which is then quantified and analyzed by an original algorithm and transmitted through a secure network. This is a package service that offers application, communication device, and hardware, like sensors and amplifiers.

Conducts Predictive Failure Detection

First made available in Japan in January 2020, this service visualizes the status of machine components and performs predictive failure detection. As it gradually expands to other regions, OMNIedge focuses on machine components, which are THK’s mainstay products backed by its original technology and sound expertise — the LM Guide, ball screws, and actuators.

In order to make OMNIedge compatible with the safe, stable, encrypted internet communications networks available in China and to boost service availability further by utilizing a Chinese cloud environment, THK will offer a full-fledged service that operates based on reliable and proven infrastructure provided by major Chinese corporations, like China Mobile and Alibaba Cloud.

With the official launch of this service, OMNIedge can now be used by global corporations with production operations in China as well as up-and-coming Chinese companies. Based on the success of the service in many Japanese industries, including automotive components, food, and electronics, THK will now serve the needs of machine users in China.

THK will maximize its sales network with THK China and various Chinese distributors. The company is also working on setting up a system of authorized OMNIedge distributors to partner with new vendors and bolster its sales support framework. This network of authorized OMNIedge sales partners that will be established throughout China will provide detailed proposals and support to help OMNIedge installation go smoothly.

Chinese customers can choose between a subscription model and a hardware purchase model according to their local business practices. THK offers the flexibility for customers to choose the kind of contract that meets their requirements and business style.

OMNIedge IoT service visualizes machine components and performs predictive failure detection.