Schneider Electric New Service Boosts Industrial DX

Automation and digital transformation company Schneider Electric has introduced its new Industrial Digital Transformation Services. The company made the announcement at the 27th Annual ARC Industry Leadership Forum, taking place in Orlando, Florida.

Particularly, the specialized global service aims to help industrial enterprises achieve future-ready, innovative, sustainable, and effective end-to-end digital transformation. Moreover, the company’s will anchor its global service based on a proven and scalable methodology for impactful industrial digitalization. Services include discovery, diagnosis, strategy, design, implementation, and ongoing customer success. 

Impact Across Range of Targets

Industrial enterprises can now draw on Schneider Electric’s deep industrial and energy domain expertise supported by its suite of industrial software capabilities. Thus, aiming to achieve demonstrable impact across a range of targets. These include operational efficiency and workforce empowerment; sustainability and energy efficiency; asset optimization; and cybersecurity.

Schneider Electric takes pride for its industrial digital transformation services for its customers. In addition, Schneider Electric is one of the few companies that has earned multiple distinctions of 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Advanced Lighthouse by the World Economic Forum for its own global smart factories and distribution centers. Lighthouses are factories that have taken 4IR technology from pilot to integration at scale. Particularly, to transform operations, value chains and business models for compelling financial, operational, and sustainability returns. 

In its Taking Control of Industrial Transformation report, OMDIA found that “respondents view digital transformation as not just a cost management driver but as a critical component that offers strategic importance to their businesses and importantly encourages and supports innovation.”

In addition, with the climate and energy crises driving further digital transformation as a strategic imperative, industrial enterprises must make meaningful progress on energy efficiency, renewable energy procurement, and electrification.

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