OMRON Adds New Models to i4H SCARA Robot Series

OMRON CORPORATION released the new i4H SCARA robots optimized for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and cleanroom environments.

i4H SCARA robots

The company proposes the i4H SCARA robots as the perfect solution for industrial automation applications. Specifically, those applications require heavy payload handling together with precision and speed. The latest i4H SCARA ESD models are designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity that can damage sensitive electronic components. Meanwhile, the cleanroom models comply with the stringent needs of environments that require very low particle emissions, such as pharmaceutical, medical, or semiconductors industries.

The new ESD and cleanroom models come with the trusted features of i4H. Users can easily program the robot as part of OMRON’s total industrial automation solutions including vision, motion, input, output, and safety with OMRON’s Sysmac programming software, all connected through EtherCAT.

OMRON adds ESD and cleanroom models to i4H SCARA robot series.

Key Features of i4H

Specifically, the i4H SCARA robots feature 15kg payload capacity. They are available in 650mm, 750mm, and 850mm reach with table and wall mounting options. They employ NJ-R robotic integrated controller for multi-robot applications with EtherCAT models. Moreover, standalone Ethernet models are available. Aside from ESD and cleanroom models, food-grade models are also available. They feature fast cycle time with an unprecedented range of movement and repeatability, thus yielding more productivity.