FUJI Demo Propels Grit in Factory Automation

Highlighting its core strength in automation line, FUJI Corporation is demonstrating at its showroom its pre- and post-processes of solder bath at its headquarters in Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

Accordingly, FUJI’s pre- and post-processes consist of the SW-BA Robot Cell for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, which makes use of the SmartWing compact articulated robot. In addition, it also has the RXS Series SCARA robot. 

As part of effort to expand its robot business, FUJI diversifies models of the SmartWing. At the same time, the company develops applications to automate the PCB assembly process.  Moreover, it started proposing applications to a wide range of businesses. 

FUJI has permanently exhibited its SW-BA Robot Cell for PCB assembly in its showroom in Aichi, Japan.

The company responded to the mounting needs in the surface mount technology (SMT) industry to automate the manual PCB assembly process. This includes mounting of odd-formed components, by commercializing the SW-BA Robot Cell for PCB assembly.  The company has made available various functions necessary to automate manual insertion process, which handles odd-formed lead components, such as connectors, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, in packages. These packages come with low costs. 

FUJI showcased the automation line for the pre- and post-processes of solder bath at the recent 7th RoboDEX held concurrently with the 37th NEPCON Japan and the 15th Automotive World held in Tokyo.  Because of the favorable visitor reception, the company decided to permanently exhibit the line at its headquarter-showroom.

Leading-Edge Processes for Smart Factory

FUJI automated the manual insertion work to insert lead components, such as connectors, into PCBs using the SW-BA. Moreover, the company also automated the mounting and demounting of PCBs to the carrier in the pre- and post-processes of solder bath using the RXS Series SCARA robot. The demo allows visitors to see a series of processes from the insertion of connectors, mounting and demounting of PCBs to the carrier to the inspection of connector floating without human intervention.

FUJI conducts evaluation test on insertion and arrangement of electronic components for customers that are considering introducing the SW-BA used in the permanent exhibit. Then, based on evaluation results by technical experts, the company proposes a system configuration optimum for the customer’s needs. Aside from the SW-BA, the company also responds to consultations concerning the automation of production process using SmartWing. 

FUJI’s booth at RoboDEX can be viewed on the company’s YouTube official channel. Particularly, the showroom exhibits FUJI Smart Factory, NXTR next-generation mounter constituting the FUJI Smart Factory, and the company’s leading-edge SMT equipment. 

FUJI Smart Factory puts at its core the Nexim integrated production system, which achieves flexible and efficient production through automated production changeover using internet of things (IoT) and machine to machine(M2M). 

Meanwhile, visitors can use a digital twin line to check the effects of introducing the system in the modelled SMT floor in a virtual space. Particularly, by reproducing their existing SMT floors in a virtual space.