Robot Center Demos Systems, Supports Customer Needs

Tokyo Electron Device LTD (TED) commenced the full operations of Tokyo Electron Device Robot Center (TRC) at its Tsuzuki Engineering Center in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. TRC develops and demonstrates the TriMath vision robot system for picking and sorting of objects with unspecified forms. 

TriMath robot system has an optical device and TED’s original image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology TriMath Vision at the core and connects a robot, a hand, and system control. 

Tokyo Electron Device opens Tokyo Electron Device Robot Center.

Gives System Sneak Peek

TriMath Vision enables flexible transfer and sorting of various objects of unspecified and irregular shapes, which has previously been difficult to handle at the manufacturing and distribution sites. In accordance with the objects to be handled and the work at the site, one operation can be easily constructed by combining necessary functions from the operations that are prepared in advance – picking, recognition, measuring and inspection, and sorting. 

TriMath Vision significantly reduces work that needed to be designed and integrated at each work site and achieves quick installation and efficient system operation. 

TRC provides various demonstrations, such as picking and sorting of various objects of unspecified shapes, as well as the TriMath Vision course, which explains the vision technology that forms the core of high-quality automation of work; and vision robot consultation salon, which provides consultation to customers on problems at work sites and proposes solutions. TED operates TRC as a facility that provides verification of the TriMath Vision robot prior to the installation and even after the installation. 

TRC provides a sneak preview of the vision robot, how it is used and how to perform picking and sorting work, giving customers the access to systems through the TRC prior to purchase. TRC also provides demonstrations in a web conference format, allowing customers to use the facility in various ways. 

Reinforces Manufacturing Prowess

As a manufacturer with a technology trading company function, TED operates its businesses with two pillars: the electronic components (EC) business, which includes semiconductors and electronic devices, and the computer network (CN) business (computer systems). As part of the EC business, TED promotes the private brand (PB) business, also known as the TED brand, as a maker function. 

The TriMath vision robot system is among the demonstrations featured at the Tokyo Electron Device Robot Center.

To strengthen its role as a manufacturer, TED has already converted Nagasaki-based AVAL NAGASAKI CORPORATION (presently TED Nagasaki Limited), which develops, designs, manufactures, and sells electronic devices; and Kanagawa-based FAST CORPORATION, which develops, manufactures, and sells image processing systems and robot vision for factory automation (FA), and inspection process automation equipment on the production line, into subsidiaries.  TED has been expanding its business by adding its existing TED brand “inrevium” to the merger and acquisition (M&A) of these two companies.  TriMath is one of inrevium products. 

Aside from the above, TED has been expanding the RAYSENS mask inspection system, which detects defects on compound semiconductor wafer surface at high speeds with high sensitivity, and other products, in stages.