Dobot Opens Japan Subsidiary to Better Serve Japanese Market

Dobot, a world leader in smart collaborative robots, has officially opened its new branch Tokyo, Japan. This is an important step towards providing local customers and the Japanese market with a full range of support to accelerate automation adoption. Representatives from Dobot partners in Japan, reputable Japanese universities, robotic associations, and media attended the opening ceremony.

Executives at Dobot lead the opening ceremony of Dobot Japan branch.

Jerry Liu, founder and CEO of Dobot, stated in the opening ceremony, “The setting up of the Japanese branch can fulfill the growing needs of collaborative robots in the local market. It can provide closer and more efficient service support to Japanese customers with a standardized and modular solution. Further, it will establish a full product life cycle technical support system, with a full range of marketing and brand advertising support policies.”

First Mover in Human-Machine Collaboration

As a world-leading smart robot manufacturer, Dobot is among the first batch of companies that focus on the development of collaborative robots with the concept of ‘human-machine collaboration’. In the past eight years, Dobot has been the leader in safe collaboration, precision control, and smart integration technologies. Moreover, it has achieved breakthroughs in foundational technology structure and core algorithms. Almost 70,000 Dobot robots are deployed around the world while having its own manufacturing base and stable supply chain with strict quality control.

Dobot aims to be a leader in Japan’s automation market.

In the past two years, Dobot has established a strong distribution network in the Japanese market to serve industries, such as automotive parts, electronic manufacturing, metal processing, logistics, retail, and more. Primarily, it assists customers to achieve automation and smart transformation and meet flexible production needs.

Aims to Become a Leading Brand in Japan, Asia Pacific

Specifically, the establishment of the Japanese branch demonstrates the determination and confidence of Dobot to become a leading brand in the Japanese and Asia Pacific markets. In the future, more local professional talents will be recruited to provide systematic training and support for distributors. This would further strengthen its competitiveness and brand influence in the Japanese market. Additionally, it will work together with channel partners to deeply cultivate the Japanese market, for mutual benefits.

Aside from the Japanese market, Dobot also has subsidiaries in Germany and the United States. Mainly, these bases allow localized marketing sales strategies and accelerate the company’s global development with the aim of providing efficient, full range and professional service support to Dobot’s customers worldwide.