Robot System Takes New Role in Japan Hotel

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC) announced that it has supplied autonomous delivery robots to Hokkaido Spa Resort Hotel Tsuruga Group, Kushiro City in Japan’s Hokkaido. This is the first these kinds of robots will appear for the first time in Japan, too.

The system NESIC delivered consists of the utilization service of the robot YUNJI DELI, which Beijing Yunji Technology Co., Ltd. of China provided. The hotel plans to integrate the robot system into hotel restaurants operated in Kushiro City’s Akan-cho district.

Offers Optimized Solutions

The robot has three trays and can carry luggage up to 50kg. It can move autonomously to the destination. The system come with various sensors, hence can travel both in frontward and backward directions even in narrow passages with width as small as 70cm.

Autonomous robot at work (Photo provided by: NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation)

The hotel chain will use the robots in its main dining area of Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga. They will also be part of the Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS restaurant and will transport dishes and glasses to the washing place. The main purpose of the robot is to reduce the workload of the staff and improve work efficiency.

NESIC makes full use of its knowledge of dealing with various robots and handles everything from proposals for operation methods to the installation work and the operation support.

NESIC provides a range of solutions backed by system integration and related support services as well as sophisticated engineering and facility management capabilities.

In addition to NEC products, NESIC also collaborates with many proven vendors in Japan and overseas to provide customers with optimized solutions.