Saki's 3D Inspection Systems Secure IPC Seal

Saki Corporation’s 3Si Series three-dimensional solder paste inspection (3D-SPI) system and 3Di Series 3D automated optical inspection (3D-AOI) system have earned the IPC standards. The products have been compliant with the IPC-Connected Factory Exchange (IPC-CFX) compliant and now belong to the IPC-CFX Qualified Products List (IPC-CFX-QPL). 

IPC, which is based in Illinois, the United States, is an organization that sets up international standards on the quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for electronic devices and manufacturing equipment. Diverse manufacturing industries adopt the IPC standard as a seal of excellence. They include automobile, automotive electronics, smartphones and digital home electric appliances, aircraft equipment, and medical equipment manufacturers around the world. 

Saki has been promoting smart factory in collaboration with leading mounter manufacturers, including FUJI Corporation. Saki’s 3Si and 3Di Series feature the company’s original hardware and software technologies and are capable of high-speed, high-precision measurements and inspections. They are also capable of various machine-to-machine (M2M) connection with solder paste printers and mounters. 

Norihiro Koike, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saki Corporation

Work With Other Compliant Machines

Having obtained the IPC-CFX certificate, these systems contribute to the improvements of product quality. They also guarantee productivity of the entire line as smart factory solutions that connect with other IPC-CFX-compliant machines in the factory.  

Norihiro Koike, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saki Corporation, says, “I am excited that our company’s SPI and AOI solutions have obtained IPC-CFX certification. This means that our company supports interconnect systems standardized in the electronic devices manufacturing industry and supplies high reliability. This enables customers to confidently decide on the purchase of equipment.”

“We are determined to vigorously work forward to continue providing new values to customers around the world as a leading company of automatic inspection systems by combining IPC-CFX certification and our company’s leading-edge equipment and original software.” 

The 3Si-LD2 3D-SPI system comes with a dual-lane model, which supports L-size substrates, and other models.  The 3Di-LS2 3D-AOI system (single-lane model) equipped with Z-axis-drive optical head system has expanded the height measurement range in the 3D mode up to 40mm and supports up to 40mm in height in the two-dimensional (2D) focus by incorporating the latest Z-axis-drive optical head system, in addition to supporting L-size substrates. 

3D-AOI system equipped with Z-axis-drive optical head system

The expanded 2D focus height enables the AOI system to find components with high profiles, such as large electrolytic capacitors. It can also simultaneously perform solder inspection and character recognition on the upper surface of components, that is, optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV), and polarity inspection by focusing both the substrate surface and part surface.