IPC to Hold Virtual Seminar on IPC-9797 Press-Fit Standard

The Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) will hold on Sept. 3 and online seminar on IPC-9797 press-fit standard for high-reliability applications intended for use in harsh environments, such as automotive and aerospace industries.

IPC is an international organization that establishes international standards on the quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for electronic devices and manufacturing equipment.  Diverse manufacturing industries, including automobile and automotive components, smartphones and digital home electric appliances, aircraft equipment and medical equipment industries, in countries around the world adopt IPC standards.

In Japan, Japan Unix Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of soldering robots, became IPC’s exclusive agency in 2015, and since then has been engaged in the sales of standard specifications and standards promotion activities. Yusaku Kono at Japan Unix serves as an IPC Japan representative.

Trainings are being held to promote IPC standards.

Promotion of IPC Standards

The seminar on IPC-9797 is one of various seminars that are held with the purpose of promoting IPC standards in Japan.

IPC has recently published the Japanese version of IPC-9797 press-fit standard for automotive electronics. IPC-9797 is the only industry-consensus standard on requirements and acceptance of press-fit pins and prescribes materials, methods, tests, and permissible standard for connection by press-fit pins without using solder. IPC-9797 targets mainly manufacturers that control the mounting process of high-reliability applications, such as automobiles and automotive components; manufacturers of electronic assemblies that use press-fit pins; manufacturers that introduce IPC’s quality standards; and manufacturers that are required to comply with IPC standards from customers around the world.