Novel Materials Enhance Wireless Communications

Maxell, Ltd. has been advancing the development of products that use electromagnetic wave absorbing materials. The company leverages on technologies it has nurtured over years in the production of cassette tapes and other products. 

The company has been creating various excitements and impressions to people’s lives. These are all based on highly value-added products based on its unique Analog Core Technologies, Mixing & Dispersion, Fine Coating, and High Precision Molding & Forming, since its start of business in 1961.

The company aims to lead technological innovations through its Analog Core Technologies business. This will particularly focus on healthcare, 5G and IoT, and mobility towards 2030.

Offers Excellent Absorption

Maxell will particularly focus on the research of wireless communications. As millimeter wave (mmWave)-compatible electromagnetic wave absorbing materials, the company promotes resin pellets for injection molding, rubber molded products, and rubber sheets.  Applying technologies for cassette tapes and other products, Maxell came up with new magnetic powder with excellent absorbing performance. When combined with carbon and other materials, it allows the tuning of reflectance, weight, and frequency in accordance with application. 

Masayuki Toyoda of Maxell, Ltd., shows a transparent electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet. Toyoda is the Product Design Leader, Functional Innovation Department, Development Section, New Business Produce Division at Maxell.

The transparent electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet features transmissivity with transmittance of about 60 percent and bendability. The reflection type provides electromagnetic wave absorption effect with an attenuation rate of 99 percent or higher.  Conventionally, creating an anechoic chamber required large-scale facility, and it was not possible to see the condition inside the chamber. Using the transparent electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet enables the creation of an anechoic chamber that allows the condition inside the chamber to be seen with ease. 

Masayuki Toyoda, Product design leader, Functional innovation department, Development section, New Business Produce Division, Maxell, Ltd., says, “It provides favorable use indoors. However, it is slightly weak against sunlight as we sought bendability. Now, we intend to create a stronger product for safe use.”  

Maxell will use the sheet for high-speed wireless communications and body scanners, aiming to achieve more comfortable life.