New Technology Center Touts Total Solutions Concept

Yaskawa Electric Corporation commenced on September 1 full operation of its Yaskawa Technology Center (YTC). The new center is located inside the company’s headquarters in Kitakyushu-shi in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture.

YTC is Yaskawa Electric’s development base, where the company develops basic technologies, production technologies and product and equipment design. This is also where it will perform quality management and trial for mass production in an integrated manner.

Yaskawa Technology Center goes full-scale operation.

Tech Capabilities, Production Speed

Several changes have been taking place in manufacturing, including labor shortages, and variable-mix, variable-volume production. The use of information and communications technology (ICT) and automation of production equipment and machines has been advancing rapidly.

Yaskawa Electric has introduced i3-Mechatronics automation solution concept in 2017. Through this concept, the company has been promoting automation + digital data management in the cell region of a manufacturing site.

Exterior view of Yaskawa Technology Center.

To enhance solution capabilities, the company consolidates technology development function of each of its department to YTC. This aims to significantly improve technological capabilities and speed of development.

Yaskawa Electric accelerates open innovation also through technical collaborations with other companies. The company creates an environment that fosters co-creation with partner companies, universities, and venture companies that have technological correlation with its three core technologies: motion control, robot technology, and power conversion, and advances the development of new technologies that have competitiveness and high marketability. 

With YTC at the core, Yaskawa Electric constructs a development system that enables to respond to customers’ requirements and realizes innovative and efficient development environment.