Nippon Thompson Bolsters Mechatronics Business

As a technology development-oriented company, Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. has been strengthening the development of unique products. 

Part of the efforts is the expansion of mechatronics products business that combines linear guide, motor, and electronics. Recently, it has released a high-thrust-specification model of the LT Series linear motor table.  

Nippon Thompson has started a new medium-term management plan 2023, which covers FY2021 to FY2023 ending Mar. 2024.

Shigeki Miyachi, President, Nippon Thompson, says, “We aim to become a technology development-oriented company that creates values together with customers and contributes to society. To attain this, we will deeply cultivate and improve existing businesses and take on challenges into new business areas. We will continue to supply of high-value-added solutions and products with higher quality and higher precision.”

Shigeki Miyachi, President, Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd.

Mechatronics Series

Nippon Thompson has expanded its mechatronics products under the Mechatronics Series that combines precision processing technology and electronics. The series includes precision positioning tables, alignment table modules, rotary stage, precision elevating table, nano linear, linear motor table, and alignment stage. They are adopted in positioning mechanism of semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel display manufacturing equipment, and various precision equipment.

For this purpose, Nippon Thompson has set up Toki Mechatronics Center, and consolidated the development, components procurement, and manufacturing divisions for mechatronics products in the Toki Factory.

New Products Release

LT series linear motion table

Recently, the company has commercialized a high-thrust-specification 2 model in the LT Series linear motor table.

Linear Motor Table LT is a compact and high-precision positioning table. It features an AC linear servomotor incorporated between the moving table and the bed, and a built-in optical linear encoder. The lightweight moving table and large thrust force of Linear Motor Table LT enables operation with high acceleration/deceleration and high response. It is used for various tools, like inspection and assembly equipment for electronic components and medical and bio-related optical equipment. For example, the transport section of the handler that performs operation test of semiconductor devices is required to constantly exhibit high-speed and high repeated positioning accuracy. Hence, the company’s linear motor table known for high speed and high accuracy is adopted.

The company has recently released high-thrust-specification 2 models for the LT150CE compact type and the LT170LD long-stroke type. These models have achieved about 17 percent increase in rated thrust compared with the high-thrust specification 1 models. Despite the compact design, they generate large thrust, and achieve high acceleration/deceleration and high-response positioning. They have achieved maximum thrust force of 390N, and contribute to the reduction of tact time.

High-thrust-specification 2 linear motor table

Main applications include inspection and assembly equipment for electronic components, and medical and bio-related optical equipment.

Nippon Thompson targets Yen 100 million per year (US$0.66 million) sales of the new model during the first fiscal year.

SKW…W rotary stage

The company also makes available the SK…W rotary stage as a new mechatronic product model. The SK…W rotary stage adopts the drive method using a worm gear mechanism. It embeds the cross roller bearing in the rotation guiding section, thereby achieving shaking quantity of 5μm or less at the upper surface of the table. The SK…W rotary stage features a low cross section by using the cross roller bearing itself immediately as the table. Attaching a table of equipment and an inspection object directly on the table is possible.