Foxconn, Porotech Seal Production Alliance on MicroLED

Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) and Poro Technologies Ltd (Porotech) have entered a strategic partnership in MicroLED Microdisplays for augmented reality (AR) applications.

Foxconn is one of the largest electronics manufacturers and leading technological solutions provider. On the other hand, Porotech is a pioneer in GaN-based semiconductor technology and a global fabless MicroLED company.

In the partnership, Foxconn will leverage on its proprietary technologies in semiconductor wafer manufacturing, packaging, IC drivers, CMOS backplanes, module assembly, and system assembly. On the other hand, Porotech will have its world-leading technologies in PoroGaN® MicroLEDon-Silicon (uLEDoS), Dynamic Pixel Tuning® (DPT®), GaN-on-Silicon platform. Thus, the fusion will target ultra-high-density and energy-efficient MicroLED Microdisplays for AR applications, wearable, and smart devices.

Fusion of Expertise

The microLED device for AR applications has great potential. Nonetheless, it is quite challenging as well. It involves multiple disciplines including semiconductor wafer manufacturing, hybrid bond, IC design, optoelectronics, quantum physics, and optics.

Integration across these different fields is difficult and progress has been slow. In the past, no single company possessed such a big portfolio of expertise.

With this partnership, the two companies expect to expedite the research and productization of MicroLED technology and push the AR application to a new era. Foxconn’s strength in supply chain management can contribute to the mass production stage.

Moreover, Foxconn and Porotech share the vision and goal of MicroLED Microdisplay technology for AR applications. Both parties are enthusiastic about the potential outcomes of this collaboration to reshape the AR landscape.

Propels MicroLED Microdisplays

Dr. Bob Chen, GM of Foxconn’s semiconductor business group said the strategic alliance will accelerate the development of MicroLED Microdisplays. “It is one step closer to tapping into the tremendous opportunities that AR can bring to the world.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Tongtong Zhu, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Porotech, added, “Our collaboration with Foxconn signifies a momentous step forward for MicroLED Microdisplays and AR. This strategic partnership speaks volumes about our shared dedication to innovation and excellence.”

In addition, Zhu said, “GaN on Silicon’s role in uLEDoS tech advancement is undeniable. An exciting road lies ahead with Foxconn, propelling MicroLED Microdisplays with our mutual partners and customers with collective triumph and significant growth in the MicroLED revolution.”