Festo, CIMTEC Automation Sign Distribution Agreement

Festo Inc. and automation solutions provider CIMTEC Automation have entered a distribution partnership agreement. Particularly, CIMTEC will distribute Festo products in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

CIMTEC, founded in 1987, delivers robotics, vision/sensing, and control solutions. In addition, CIMTEC offers pre-engineered solutions that customers adapt to their requirements. It has also vetted products from leading manufacturers, tech support, equipment repair, and training. CIMTEC is a division of Flow Control Group, North America’s leading industrial distribution network. The group company focuses on technically oriented products and services for flow control and industrial automation.  

CIMTEC designs, builds, and certifies control panels to the UL508A standard. State-of-the-art pneumatics at CIMTEC is one of the most exciting aspects of the new relationship with Festo.

CIMTEC is adding Festo gantry robots to its roster of six-axis robots, cobots, and SCARA robots. Gantry robots offer 100% coverage of the workspace and feature high load capacity, speed, and precision. Moreover, Festo gantry systems have a compact footprint, competitive price, and easy configuration, making them ideal for pick-and-place applications.

Engineers can specify Festo gantry systems in as little as 20 minutes. Thus, utilizing the Handling Guide Online productivity tool.

Fosters Growth Opportunities

As the gantry is being specified through Handling Guide Online, the Festo Motion Control Package automatically designs the control panel. The Festo Motion Control Package enables customers to have gantries operating within hours after delivery, not days or weeks.

Now, CIMTEC has access to the entire Festo catalog of more than 30,000 innovative, high-quality pneumatic and electric automation components and systems. Of particular interest to CIMTEC are Festo pneumatics. CIMTEC personnel also got certifications as pneumatics instructors and will hold Festo Didactic pneumatics training sessions at the CIMTEC training center.

“The addition of state-of-the-art pneumatics to the CIMTEC solutions toolkit is one of the most exciting aspects of the new relationship with Festo,” said Carter Williams, President, CIMTEC.

In addition, Williams said, “We look at growth in three ways – geographic, product offering, and professional advancement. We know that representing Festo will propel our overall growth throughout the Southeast with access to the Festo catalog. Additionally, representing Festo ensures that our sales engineers and our technical support team will grow professionally, especially in the area of pneumatic technology.”

William said the new relationship is important to both companies, which will bring opportunities that will transpire.

Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. Celebrating 50 years in the United States, Festo Corporation has continuously elevated the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions. Through advanced technical and industrial education, Festo Didactic Learning Systems and its partners prepare workers for current and future manufacturing technologies.