Mitsubishi Electric Boosts Automation in New Pitch

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has launched “Automating the World” as the global slogan for its Factory Automation Systems business.

Accordingly, the new slogan expresses Mitsubishi Electric’s goal to leverage automation for the betterment of global society. In essence, combining advanced technology, experience, and know-how, and customer support as a trusted partner.

The company came out with the slogan based on the clamor of various Mitsubishi Electric stakeholders around the world. Particularly, customers in the field of industrial automation as well as company employees involved with Factory Automation Systems.

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

For example, in China, a special subphrase, “zizai linghuo”, will follow the slogan. Particularly, the unique phrase is similar to a famous local phrase that means free and flexible, in a bid to support local understanding of the global slogan.

Recently, there has been a rising need for the global society to adapt to the growing needs for work efficiency, digitalization, and decarbonization. Under Mitsubishi Electric’s current medium-term business strategy through March 2026, the company is growing its factory automation systems business with intelligent manufacturing solutions and other technological innovations. Hence, enabling customers to respond to change by transforming their businesses.

Mitsubishi Electric is also developing advanced automation technologies in other fields to enable global society to respond to pressing needs for change. Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will actively promote its “Automating the World” slogan to grow its Factory Automation Systems business and further enhance its brand value.