DNP, UBE Form Joint Venture in Materials Analysis

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and UBE Corporation (UBE) have agreed to start collaboration through a joint venture company to start in April 2024. In the establishment of the joint venture, the companies aim to create new value in materials analysis. Mainly, DNP and UBE will jointly operate UBE Scientific Analysis Laboratory, Inc. (USAL). Under UBE group company, it will analyze organic, inorganic and polymer compounds for the automotive, electronics and medical care fields. DNP will acquire 66.625% of the issued shares of USAL. USAL will become a joint venture between the two companies, with UBE continuously holding a 33.375% stake.

The new building of UBE’s Ube Research Laboratory, which is partially used by USAL.

Purpose of Stock Transfer

DNP has set digital interface-related products such as optical films, semiconductor-related products, and mobility/industrial high-performance materials-related products as focus business areas. Following this, DNP is promoting the development of new, high-value-added products. It aims to deepen the technology that supports these products, create new value by combining technologies, and strategically secure intellectual property. Accordingly, DNP will make USAL a group company. Specifically, it specializes in the analysis and evaluation necessary for development work. Also, it will feature advanced analytical techniques, equipment, and specialized human resources. DNP will strengthen its business portfolio from an intellectual property perspective through collaboration with USAL.

Meanwhile, UBE aims to contribute to solving social issues through its creative technological capabilities and innovative manufacturing. In April 2022, the company changed its name from Ube Industries to UBE. The company’s medium-term management plan states pursuing sustainable growth based on both “growth in specialty chemicals” and “contribution to global environmental issues.” Through these initiatives, UBE promotes business structural reforms. Additionally, in the specialty chemicals field, the company will formulate and implement technological strategies focusing on meeting customer needs through marketing activities aimed at creating new businesses.

Example of measurement work

Specifically, DNP and UBE will operate USAL as a joint venture from April 1st. Capitalizing on this opportunity, they will also consider collaborating to create synergy by leveraging UBE’s material technology and DNP’s processing technology.

USAL Overview

In 1987, the analysis and evaluation group was separated from the R&D department of Ube Industries (currently UBE) and established as an independent entity. USAL provides many kinds of analysis and evaluation services to various industries, including automotive, electronics, and life science. Its services include analyses of organic, inorganic, and various materials as to their chemical compositions, structures, surfaces, morphological observation, ultra-micro analysis, and safety evaluation.