HACARUS, Visco Partner on Visual Inspection Automation

HACARUS and Visco Technologies have announced a joint technology collaboration to promote the automation of visual inspections in the manufacturing industry. Accordingly, the two companies will leverage their respective expertise in the field of visual and image processing inspections.

Scope of Collaboration

Hacarus Check AI software paired with Visco’s image-processing inspection tool

HACARUS Check AI software has been integrated with Visco’s image-processing inspection equipment, the VTV-9000 series. Thus, allowing for seamless use between the two systems.  

Joint go-to-market activities

The two companies will jointly conduct marketing activities such as exhibitions and seminars. Specifically, the purpose is to further improve their ability to propose optimal systems to meet end-users’ inspection needs.

Joint Value Proposition

Hybrid system allows selecting the optimal approach

By providing a hybrid AI and rule-based inspection system, it is possible to adopt the best approach based on the inspection target. For that reason, customers can try both methods with ease.

Supports expansion of inspection targets, implementation of AI visual inspection

The lineup expands to include high-definition inspection, which is Visco’s specialty, and inspection of extremely small parts. Moreover, customers can simply add on AI software to hardware. Particularly, those that include cameras, lenses, lighting, lighting controller, and communication environment necessary for image processing. Customers can quickly set up the environment necessary for inspection and get started with AI visual inspection.

In-house completion of AI performance verification

The VTV-9000 controller can perform the inspections (AI inference), allowing customers to verify AI performance on their own. Thus, enabling them to make adjustments and determine how to best deploy the technology. 


Both companies are working to automate manufacturing process inspections by replicating the visual inspections performed by humans. Specifically, to solve the problem of human resource shortages in the manufacturing industry.

VISCO’s VTV-9000 series, already equipped with more than 70 inspection tools, combines versatility for all industrial product inspection applications. Moreover, it highlights a high degree of specialization to suit specific fields.

In the future, Visco intends to propose optimal inspections to customers in cooperation with HACARUS. The company aims to strengthen its response to the stringent inspection requirements of the automotive industry.