Toshiba Releases New Power MOSFETS for Power Supplies

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has added DTMOSVI(HSD), power MOSFETs with high-speed diodes suitable for switching power supplies to its latest-generation[1] DTMOSVI series with a super junction structure. Shipments of the first two products TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 650V N-channel power MOSFETs in TO-247 packages have already started.

Accordingly, their suitable applications are in industrial equipment. Namely, switching power supplies for data center servers, communications equipment, and the like, and EV charging stations. Moreover, their use also extends to power conditioners for PV generators and in uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

1.6kW Server Power Supply (Upgraded) reference design that uses TK095N65Z5. (Photo: Business Wire)

Improves Efficiency of Power Supplies

The new products use high-speed diodes to improve the reverse recovery[2] characteristics important for bridge circuit and inverter circuit applications. Moreover, against the standard DTMOSVI, they achieve a 65% reduction in reverse recovery time (trr), and an 88% reduction in reverse recovery charge (Qrr) (measurement conditions: -dIDR/dt= 100A/μs).

The DTMOSVI(HSD) process used in the new products improves on the reverse recovery characteristics of Toshiba’s DTMOSIV series. Particularly, with high-speed diodes (DTMOSIV(HSD)), and has a lower drain cut-off current at high temperatures. The figure of merit “drain-source On-resistance × gate-drain charges” is also lower.

Toshiba: DTMOSVI(HSD), power MOSFETs with high-speed diodes that help to improve efficiency of power supplies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The high-temperature drain cut-off current of TK042N65Z5 is approximately 90%[3] lower, and the drain-source On-resistance × gate-drain charge 72% lower, than in Toshiba’s current TK62N60W5[4] [5]. This advance will cut equipment power loss and help to improve efficiency. The TK042N65Z5 shows a maximum improvement in power supply efficiency over the current TK62N60W5 of about 0.4%, as measured in a 1.5kW LLC circuit[6].

Meanwhile, a reference design, “1.6kW Server Power Supply (Upgraded)”, that uses TK095N65Z5, is available on Toshiba’s website. The company also offers tools that support circuit design for switching power supplies. Alongside the G0 SPICE model, which verifies circuit function in a short time, highly accurate G2 SPICE models that accurately reproduce transient characteristics are now available.

On the other hand, Toshiba plans to expand the DTMOSVI(HSD) line-up with the release of devices in TO-220 and TO-220SIS through-hole packages, TOLL and DFN 8×8 surface-mount packages.

The company also will continue to expand its line-up of the DTMOSVI series beyond the already released 650V and 600V products and the new products with high-speed diodes. Thus, this will enhance switching power supply efficiency, contributing to energy-saving equipment.


[1] As of February 22, 2024, Toshiba survey.

[2] A switching action in which the MOSFET body diode switches from forward to reverse biased.

[3] Values measured by Toshiba. The new products TK042N65Z5 is 0.2mA (test condition: VDS=650V, VGS=0V, Ta=150°C.)
The existing products TK62N60W5 is 1.9mA (test condition: VDS=600V, VGS=0V, Ta=150°C).

[4] 600V DTMOSIV(HSD) series

[5] Values measured by Toshiba
Test condition:
• RDS(ON): ID=30.9A, VGS=10V, Ta=25°C
• Qgd: VDD=400V, VGS=10V, ID=61.8A, Ta=25°C
• RDS(ON): ID=27.5A, VGS=10V, Ta=25°C
• Qgd: VDD=400V, VGS=10V, ID=55A, Ta=25°C

[6] Values measured by Toshiba.
Test condition: Vin=380V, Vout=54V, Ta=25°C