SIIX, Orient Technology Team up on Battery Solutions

SIIX Singapore Pte. Ltd. has established a joint venture on battery management with Orient Technology (S) Pte. Ltd. The joint-venture company SIIX-ORIENT TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD handles design, development, and manufacturing of battery packs, and provides solutions for mass production.

The partnership is aligned with SIIX Corporation’s plan to expand its battery-related business as identified in its mid-term management plan. Through this, it can meet higher demand for batteries in the future. Ultimately, it aims to contribute to a decarbonized society.

The partnership focuses on battery management business.

Build Expertise on Energy Solutions

Orient Technology has the expertise in battery pack design, development, and manufacturing technology. With the joint venture, SIIX can build the same expertise on battery management within the SIIX Group. The acquisition of electronic manufacturing service (EMS) business on batteries and strengthening relationships with battery manufacturers will accomplish this.

Target Markets

Battery packs are expected to become key devices in various markets in the future. Utilizing its battery solution technology, SIIX will provide battery packs to the automotive market, where the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is expanding. It will also approach medical equipment and industrial equipment fields where electrification is progressing.

SIIX provides commercial products through alliances with technology partners around the world as a new focus. It will also continue to promote joint design and manufacturing. The company will support activities to commercialize customers’ products by proposing new plans and technologies in cooperation with technology partners.

The joint venture provides battery packs for automotive, medical and industrial fields.