Siemens Sets New Standard in Supply Chain Automation

Siemens has been propelling its extensive automation and digitalization portfolio for the intralogistics industry. Accordingly, intralogistics is the backbone of every supply chain. Increasing demands for energy efficiency and sustainability as well as labor shortages and cybersecurity threats require efficient and adaptive material flow technology.

For that reason, IoT-enabled hardware and software from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio cover the entire warehouse operation. This include receiving, transport, storage, picking, packing, and shipping.

By leveraging digitalization, automation, and innovative technologies like the digital twin, Siemens is improving the efficiency and sustainability of the intralogistics industry. Thus, paving the way for a smart, adaptable, and resilient future for logistics operations.

With Simove, Siemens offers a system platform specifically designed for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated autonomous mobile robot (AMRs).

Implementation of flexible, safe, and autonomous intralogistics processes with new functions for AMRs

At Logimat 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany, Siemens is demonstrating a fully automated autonomous mobile robot (AMR) application. This has become possible because of the Simove modular system. With Simove, Siemens offers a system platform specifically designed for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and AMRs.

The platform includes modular software components and libraries for guidance control, navigation, and general automation and uses standardized automation and drive components. The Simove modular system for AGV and AMR applications enables the precise design of applications that meet individual requirements. A real AMR with a robot arm that performs gripping tasks will also be on display. In addition, a fully integrated Siwarex weighing system for Simatic ET 200SP is available for fast process control and precise inventory recording.

Another highlight is the autonomous load-carrier handling technology. The AI-based software system enables AGVs and AMRs to visually detect, autonomously approach, and automatically pick up load carriers in variable and dynamic environments. Autonomous load-carrier handling solutions are used for applications like forklift trucks, and their flexible use can significantly reduce costs, engineering, and time expenditures.

New features for Simatic Robot Pick AI vision software

To enable robot systems to reliably pick and pack any item, they must be able to interact with their environment and adapt to changing situations in the process. Thus, the pre-trained Simatic Robot Pick AI vision software enables robots to reliably grip previously unknown articles. Pre-training of the robot by the user is no longer necessary. Specifically, the pre-trained deep learning algorithm processes a new 3D camera image in milliseconds and determines robust 3D poses for collision-free removal of the object, regardless of their shape and size.

Presently, Siemens is showcasing two new features at Logimat. The first is the beta version of Simatic Robot Pick Pro. The solution supports the oriented gripping of any object with the aid of multi-suction grippers, which means that large, heavy, and complex objects suitable in applications like bin picking, depalletizing, and sorter induction.

The second is the Simatic Robot Pack AI capability, which determines suitable placement poses for any unknown objects on the robot arm.

-19 March 2024-