Rockwell’s New Tool Advances Machine Monitoring

Rockwell Automation recognizes the need to optimize maintenance activities and reduce unplanned downtime. For that reason, the company has reinforced further its ability to provide advanced notice of asset failures with a new and improved platform.

When maintenance engineers understand the health of the assets on the plant floor, they can plan their tasks efficiently. FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI provides continuous condition-based monitoring, alerting the maintenance team when an asset begins to show signs of degradation. Also, it provides insights into the most probable cause of failure. With this information, they can plan when to perform the required repair and confirm they have the necessary resources and parts on hand.

Furthermore, it reduces repair times and avoids costly unexpected downtime.

Innovates Condition Monitoring

FactoryTalk® Analytics™ GuardianAI™ software offers maintenance engineers the insight to understand the current condition of assets on the plant floor. Moreover, they receive early notice as soon as an asset begins deviating from normal.

Armed with this knowledge, they can plan their maintenance activities based on which asset has the highest risk of failure. More so, let other assets continue to run, without stopping production unnecessarily to perform service.

With Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI software, manufacturers receive early warning of potential asset failures based on data already available. Thus, the software leverages electrical signal data from variable frequency drives to understand how a plant asset performs under normal operating conditions.

In addition, it then monitors the drive’s electrical signal during operation and when FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI detects a deviation. Also, it alerts to the anomaly so that manufacturers can investigate and plan the correct response.

The software provides premier integration with PowerFlex® 755, 755T and 6000T drives for easy setup and deep insight into key process applications.

-19 March 2024-