USI Rolls New Power Module for xEV Traction Inverters

The Power Module Team of USI has announced “Magnet,” a cutting-edge 150KW power module for electric vehicles (xEVs) traction inverters. This is part of the company’s groundbreaking Joint Design Manufacturer (JDM) project. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of xEVs, this 750V/450A IGBT solution integrates advanced technologies. Among them are Die Top System (DTS) silver sintering and Single-Sided exposed Copper (SSC) molding processes. Mainly, they provide unparalleled reliability for xEVs in both Europe and the United States.

Magnet power module

USI has dedicated years to research and development in power module assembly. Specifically, the USI Power Module team has achieved significant milestones since 2021. During that time, its OEM products were successfully integrated into new energy vehicles. Building on this momentum, the team has intensified its focus on power module design, enhancing simulation capabilities, and reliability verification. Now, introducing the “Magnet” power module marks a pivotal moment, showcasing the team’s commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries in the industry.

Steven Su, Senior Vice President at USI, stated, “Looking ahead, USI will keep technology innovation, particularly with the emergence of Silicon Carbide (SiC) materials. With a steadfast dedication to research and development, our Power Module team is actively exploring 200°C packages. It validated new materials and technologies to pioneer next-generation, lightweight, high-power power module designs. Primarily, this direction aligns with its goal of contributing to a sustainable future as the company achieves the “target of “2040 net-zero emissions.”

USI’s relentless pursuit of excellence underscores its position as a trailblazer in the field of power module products. By leveraging innovative technologies and unwavering commitment to sustainability, the company continues to drive positive change in the automotive industry, revolutionizing the landscape of xEVs.

-21 March 2024-