Mitsubishi Electric to Release Si Power Modules for xEVs

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will release six new J3-Series power semiconductor modules for various electric vehicles (xEVs). These modules feature either a silicon carbide metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (SiC-MOSFET) or a RC-IGBT (Si)1. Additionally, they have compact designs and scalability for use in the inverters of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). All six J3-Series products will be available for sample shipments from March 25.

The company exhibits the new power modules at the 38th Electronics R&D, Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Expo (NEPCON JAPAN 2024) from January 24 to 26 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Also, the company will display the modules in exhibitions in North America, Europe, China and additional locations.

Demand for Efficient Power ICs

Mainly, power semiconductors capable of efficiently converting electricity expand and diversify in response to decarbonization initiatives. Accordingly, the demand increases for SiC power semiconductors offering significantly reduced power loss. In the xEV sector, power semiconductor modules are used widely in power conversion devices, like inverters for xEV drive motors. In addition to extending the cruising range of xEVs, compact, high-power, high-efficiency modules are needed to further downsize batteries and inverters. However, high safety standards are set for xEVs. Thus, power semiconductors used in drive motors must be more reliable than those used in general industrial applications.

Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) partially supported the development of these SiC products.

1Reverse conducting IGBT with one IGBT and one diode on a single chip

Product Features

  1. About 60% smaller modules compared to existing products

– The J3 transfer molded power module (J3-T-PM) can be soldered to a heat sink, resulting in about 30% lower thermal resistance and a size that is about 60% smaller than a comparable existing power module,2 which will contribute to smaller xEV inverters.

– Thanks to downsizing, the inductance of the J3-T-PM is about 30% less than that of the existing module,2 supporting high-speed switching. Using multiple J3-T-PMs in parallel further reduces the inductance.


2. SiC-MOSFETs for EVs and PHEVs offering extended range and lower electricity costs

– Two types of semiconductor elements are used: SiC-MOSFETs and RC-IGBTs (Si).

– The trench SiC-MOSFET combines low loss and high-speed drive, enabling smaller inverters with less power loss, resulting in EVs and PHEVs offering extended range and lower electricity costs.

– The RC-IGBT (Si) uses a new structure that combines an IGBT and a freewheeling diode (FWD) on a single chip for smaller modules with improved heat dissipation, contributing to smaller xEV inverters.


3. Comprehensive lineup with various J3-T-PM combinations for scalable xEV inverter design

– The J3-HEXA-S has three J3-T-PMs and the J3-HEXA-L has six J3-T-PMs, both fitted with proprietary new pin-type aluminum fins to suit various designs for xEV inverters.  

– The J3-HEXA-L reduces thermal resistance by about 20% versus a comparable existing power module3 and is about 65% smaller than another comparable existing power module,4 while the J3 HEXA-S is about 60% smaller than a comparable existing module.5 


2 2in1 J-Series T-PM(CT300DJH120)

3 6in1 J1-Series power module with insulated substrate integrated Al fin (CT700CJ1A060-A)

4 Six 2in1 J-Series T-PMs (CT300DJH120; 64.0×84.0mm [LxW]) mounted 2mm apart

5 Three 2in1 J-Series T-PMs (CT300DJH120; 64.0×84.0mm [LxW]) mounted 2mm apart

First to Mass Produce EV Power IC Module

Mitsubishi Electric became the first company to mass produce xEV power semiconductor modules in 1997. Since then, it has introduced numerous power modules that have contributed to improved reliability, including greater heat-cycle resistance, and smaller inverters for various EVs and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Specifically, the company’s latest generation of widely used T-PMs will now introduce the J3-Series of compact modules equipped with either SiC-MOSFETs or RC-IGBTs (Si). Both uses the same package to enable xEV drive motor inverters to be further downsized.

Mitsubishi Electric, with its comprehensive lineup of power modules covering a wide range of capacity bands for inverters, is committed to extending the driving range and reducing the electricity costs of increasingly popular EVs and PHEVs.