Tokyo Electron Promotes Wafer Edge Trimming Equipment

At SEMICON China 2024, Tokyo Electron Limited promoted Digital x Green. Specifically, this concept supports semiconductors as they become more sophisticated. Also, it encourages digitalization, while at the same time contributing to the reduction of impact to the environment. In the Chinese market, where domestic semiconductor manufacturing is increasing, the company also promotes its latest technologies and solutions to expand the business.

Tokyo Electron displayed wafer edge thinning equipment at SEMICON China 2024.

Demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials is rising in China against the backdrop of the government’s policy of self-sufficiency in semiconductors. Primarily, Japanese companies are accelerating their efforts in the Chinese market.

SEMICON China is a trade event related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, materials and components, held in Shanghai, China, from March 20 to 22.

Ulucus L Wafer Edge Trimming Equipment

Tokyo Electron introduced the Ulucus L wafer edge trimming equipment at SEMICON China. Specifically, the product uses laser control technology to prevent wafer edge cracking and chipping prior to the wafer thinning process. This feature enables high-precision, high-speed edge trimming.

In addition, it has developed the new Extreme Laser Lift Off (XLO) technology using the Ulucus L edge trimming machine. Particularly, the XLO technology used in the wafer thinning process lifts off the wafer edges of the substrate onto which the integrated circuit layers have been formed. Therefore, it eliminates the need for conventional grinding and trimming processes.

While 3D integration of advanced semiconductor devices is progressing, concerns about yield loss due to increased grinding and trimming arise. XLO technology will help solve these problems and improve yields.

Kimiya Miura, Vice President, 3DI Department, Three Dimensional Integration Sales and Marketing Dept., Assemble & Test System Business Unit (ATSBU), Tokyo Electron Limited

Kimiya Miura, Vice President, 3DI Dept., Assemble & Test System Business Unit (ATSBU), says, “XLO technology can also reduce the amount of water used in the grinding process by more than 90%. Substrate wafers can also be reused. It also eliminates the need for sewage treatment containing grinding debris. Therefore, it leads to a reduction in environmental impact and resource conservation”.

Ulucus G Wafer Thinning Equipment

Additionally, at SEMICON China, the company introduced the Ulucus G wafer thinning equipment for conventional manufacturing processes. It combines the latest platform that applies front-end level clean environment technology with a grinding unit to achieve ultra-flat wafer processing.

“As semiconductor devices become more sophisticated, the importance of back-end processes increases. We will utilize the technology and know-how we have developed in the front-end process to support particle control and improved bonding accuracy, which are increasingly demanded by customers,” says Miura.

This is an English translation of a Japanese article originally published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

-10 April 2024-