Advantech Lifts Phison Alliance with New GenAI Device

Advantech announces collaboration with Phison Electronics, a leading provider of NAND controllers and NAND storage solutions, to jointly produce generative AI (GenAI) computing platforms tailored for edge and industrial applications.

Today, the emergence of GenAI has led to the widespread use of AI assistants across various sectors. These include business environments, education, healthcare, legal and accounting fields, banking, and even migration into embedded and industrial environments. Moreover, numerous new GenAI applications are gradually emerging.

Phison-Advantech Gen AI
Phison and Advantech develop GenAI computing platform for edge and industrial applications.

Secure, Reliable Computing Device for Gen AI

Advantech leverages Phison’s exclusive patented aiDAPTIV+ technology and seamlessly integrates it with its own Edge AI Solutions. Thus, its innovative GenAI computing platform empowers customers in the edge and industrial sectors to construct secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing devices for refining GenAI models. Now, both companies are accelerating the transition toward Industry 4.0. Further, they anticipate the advent of Industry 5.0 where human-machine interaction will take center stage.

Advantech’s Edge AI Solutions and Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ amplify AI large language model (LLM) capabilities. Accordingly, it enables the execution of advanced AI training models with limitless computational capacity. Specifically, Edge AI Solutions offer a comprehensive AI deployment package. It enables company-wide AI training with robust design and unparalleled computing power for AI LLM training. Accordingly, it unlocks boundless business opportunities.

Moreover, this innovative partnership provides both hardware and software services. They bolster their adaptability through collaboration with Advantech’s Edge AI software solutions, including NVIDIA AI Enterprise (NVAIE), Edge AI SDK, and DeviceOn. Generally, this ecosystem encompasses pre-trained models, development platforms, tools, and services, significantly streamlining the accessibility of AI applications.

“Our collaboration with Phison is poised to lower barriers to entry in the AI sector, fostering greater accessibility to local AI computing and training,” stated Miller Chang, President of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group.

“The innovative SQ aiDAPTIV+ seamlessly incorporates Advantech’s Edge AI SDK and services. It streamlines AI training processes by eliminating the necessity for numerous costly GPUs and VRAM. Moreover, it empowers Edge AI applications aspiring for corporate or departmental integration to discover feasible opportunities and effortlessly translate business impacts within the AI realm.”

Mr. K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics, states the partnership between Phison and Advantech has spanned over 15 years. Both have forged a powerful alliance in embedded and industrial systems. This spans from early USB DOMs, CF cards, and SATA SSDs to the latest PCIe 4.0/5.0 SSD specifications. Their collaboration reaches new heights with the introduction of Phison’s proprietary aiDAPTIV+ technology solution, seamlessly integrating with Advantech’s Edge AI Solutions.

“Together, our alliance empowers customers across the global industrial sector to develop widely accessible GenAI deployment solutions. Thus, it propels the adoption of intelligent applications like smart factories, healthcare, and logistics, playing a pivotal role in establishing secure and reliable edge GenAI environments to shape the future of smart living,” commented Pua.

-17 April 2024-