Konica, FUJIFILM New Deal Aim High for Better Business

Konica Minolta, Inc. and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. have agreed to begin a feasibility study for a strategic alliance. Particularly, it will cover multifunction printer (MFP), office printers, and production printer segments.

The rapidly evolving market landscape for MFPs and printers requires proactive measures. For that reason, Konica Minolta and FUJIFILM Business Innovation are actively considering a business alliance.

Specifically, the companies aim to strengthen their business foundation including the development of a robust supply system for their products. The companies are also seeking to expand other business alliances and continue discussions.

Details of Alliance

Firstly, the two companies agreed to explore the establishment of a joint venture. The new company will coordinate the procurement of raw materials and parts. Accordingly, the joint venture will have FUJIFILM Business Innovation as majority shareholder. They target to set up the new joint venture company in Q2 of FY2024.

Second, the two companies also agreed explore discussions on toner development and production business. Konica Minolta and FUJIFILM also agree to discuss other strategic collaborations related to the subject business.

Toshimitsu Taiko, President and CEO, KONICA MINOLTA, INC. said, “Sharing a common understating of the challenges facing the business, the two leading companies will be able to mutually maximize strengths through this alliance. I am looking forward to working together to improve investment efficiency and cost-competitiveness.” In addition, Taiko said the alliance will also strengthen capabilities for stable supply, environmental initiatives, and business continuity plans (BCP). Moreover, it will pursue the potential for enhancing business resilience as global manufacturers.

On the other hand, Naoki Hama, President and CEO, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. said FUJIFILM considers the ongoing discussions for this business alliance of immense importance. “We strive to strengthen our competitiveness and expand our global presence to make a significant leap forward. We are confident that this partnership will create a new framework to enhance our supply chain and build a robust business foundation.

Background Information

Konica Minolta has been creating value together with its industry-leading customers by leveraging the imaging technology it has cultivated over the 150 years. Particularly, it aims to fulfill customers’ desires to “see” around the world and visualize the invisible challenges. Hence, the Company addresses problems in daily life and businesses.

With a wealth of intangible assets including customer relationships, technology integration, and diverse human resources, Konica Minolta is creating greater value that leads to solutions for social challenges.

Meanwhile, FUJIFILM Business Innovation continuously delivers innovations to customers’ businesses worldwide. Thus, creating innovative and fulfilling workplaces by effectively adopting information and knowledge through digital transformation (DX).

Particularly, the company pioneered numerous technologies and accumulated expertise since its establishment in 1962. Thus, being able to build an environment that encourages the use of one’s creativity to maximize organizational strengths.

The company’s portfolio includes conducting R&D, manufacturing and sales of world-class workflow solutions, IT services, and printing equipment.

-17 April 2024-