Universal Robots, Siemens Hook up for Seamless Factory Automation

Universal Robots (UR) has now integrated the Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) into its software. UR is proud to be among the first collaborative robot (cobot) vendors to offer this functionality.

The SRCI is a new standard for robotics manufacturers. Primarily, it aims to create a single interface between programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and robots. Therefore, the full integration of SRCI into UR’s software will enhance the connectivity capabilities of UR’s cobots. Additionally, it will ensure customers a frictionless integration with Siemens PLCs. Mainly, Siemens is the first – and currently only – PLC Vendor supporting SRCI in the automation market.

“By having our robots connect seamlessly to a global industry leader like Siemens, we can now offer our partners and customers, both existing and prospective, faster integration and higher ease of use,” says Global Director, Strategic Partnerships at Universal Robots, Daniel Friedman. “We strive to make cobot automation as simple as possible for our customers. Moreover, this is yet another step in our commitment to provide automation for anyone, anywhere.”

UR30 collaborative robot

Interoperable Robot Implementation

Moreover, the uniform cross-manufacturer data interface of the SRCI makes robot implementation interoperable. Also, it standardizes definitions and robot commands between UR cobots and Siemens PLCs. This allows for easier and quicker setup and simplifies the deployment of UR robots into existing and new Siemens ecosystem-based production lines.

“We are encouraged that cobots from Universal Robots can now be controlled via the SRCI and can be programmed by Simatic users,” says Rolf Heinsohn, Senior Vice President, Factory Automation Segment Control at Siemens. “We want to accelerate Factory Automation and scale the use of robots in industry by making them simple and available to all our customers` employees. It is a great advantage for our customers to be able to easily integrate and use UR’s robots together with the Siemens PLCs in their production.”

Mainly, the SRCI is available for UR’s e-Series family and the next-generation robots UR20 and UR30. It can be installed and activated with PolyScope version 5.15 or higher via add-on URcap software.

Primarily, the company accelerates its commitment to “Automation for Anyone, Anywhere” by supporting the automation requirements of global companies.

-19 April 2024-