OMRON Launches New 3D Xray Inspection for EVs

OMRON Automation Americas has announced VT-X850, a cutting-edge 3D CT XRay inspection system specifically designed to meet the needs of electric vehicle (EV) applications and other similar products. Mainly, this advanced machine offers unparalleled capabilities to ensure these critical assemblies are produced with the highest quality solder joints.

VT-X850, a cutting-edge 3D CT XRay inspection system

Key Features of the VT-X850

True 3D CT X-Ray Inspection: With over 300 cross-section images, VT-X850 provides comprehensive analysis of each solder joint to easily and reliably identify a wide of quality concerns.

Enhanced Sample Handling: It is equipped with enhanced product clearances, larger loading doors and stronger conveyors. Thus, it allows for the inspection of heavy and thick samples commonly found in EV manufacturing.

High-Powered X-Ray Tube: The 160kV closed tube enables Xrays to penetrate thick samples or substrates with metal enclosures. Accordingly, they produce images with excellent contrast and minimal interference.

Fast and Efficient: High-speed, CT designed to operate in-line with other SMT equipment, minimizing interruptions to production.

Seamless Integration: Moreover, it supports industry standards such as SMEMA, IPC-CFX, and Hermes, ensuring compatibility with a variety of other machines.

Automated Algorithms: Improves repeatability and reduces the inspection workload for engineers, eliminating the subjective approach of manual inspection.

Maintenance-Free: The closed-tube X-Ray source used in the VT-X850 minimizes production downtime and reduces opportunities for human error.

Additionally, VT-X850 leverages Omron’s proven 3D CT technology and produces high-quality X-ray inspection results for heavy and thick samples. Therefore, it perfectly supports demanding applications, like those found in EV production environments.  

Meanwhile, the high-powered tube provides X-rays with enough intensity to penetrate samples with extremely dense shielding or enclosures. A re-designed mechanical system leverages Omron’s own servo motors and drivers to tackle complex motion with ease, producing sharp 3D CT images.

Moreover, the AI software algorithms further enhance detail and enable accurate and repeatable feature measurements.

-30 April 2024-