ASE to Boost Data Center Efficiency in New PowerSIP

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE) has introduced powerSiP™, a transformative power delivery platform designed to reduce signal and transmission loss while addressing current density challenges.

ASE’s powerSiP™ platform enables a vertically integrated multi-stage voltage regulator module (VRM) for higher system efficiency and lower power consumption. Also, it delivers a smaller footprint that is 25% smaller than traditional side-by-side configurations. Additionally, this technology innovation allows a 50% increase in current density from 0.4A/mm² to 0.6A/mm² and a decrease in routing power loss from 12% to 6%. This signifies a 50% reduction over a side-by-side configuration.

Meets Computing Power, Cooling Needs of Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size, reach, and impact is still in the early stages. Thus, ASE is innovating to meet related data center requirements, performance expectations, and power improvements, offered through powerSiP™.

The introduction of powerSiP™ corresponds to the emergence of compute power and cooling as the two most energy-intensive processes within data centers today.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), data centers consumed 460 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2022. This represents 2% of global electricity usage. This could rise to 1,000 terawatt-hours (TWh), or 8%, by 2026.  This surge in energy consumption is being fueled by the ongoing proliferation of AI. Mainly, AI relies on powerful, yet power-draining CPU, GPU, memory and disk systems for function, performance, and lowest possible latency. Costs have become prohibitive. Thus, demand for innovation to counteract extreme inefficiencies in power conversion and cooling has never been greater.

Today, high-voltage power delivery is brought into modern data center facilities. Primarily, it is converted to lower voltage in multiple stages ahead of utilization of microprocessor. Each power conversion stage in the data center Power Delivery Network (PDN) has high efficiency in the mid to high 90% range. However, at higher power levels, the routing losses in the path from the last DC/DC converter on the power delivery platform to the microprocessor, start to dominate and can impact overall system efficiency.

Typical systems use a single-stage voltage reduction from the platform to the microprocessor. Also, they bring in power at a higher voltage to the microprocessor using the VRM. Accordingly, ASE’s powerSiP™ platform can help customers enable a multi-stage VRM-based PDN solution.

“The powerSiP™ platform provides an option to place the voltage regulator directly under the SoC and chiplets. Therefore, vertical integration allows a large current supply at a short power delivery path.” This, according to YE Yeh, Vice President of Research & Development, ASE.

“This successfully reduces impedance in the power delivery network. Thus, it improves system performance and functionality while simultaneously increasing overall efficiency and power density.”

“System efficiency is a top priority for architects, particularly as the world explores ways to address the growing global demand for electricity at the same time as driving down carbon emissions,” commented Patricia MacLeod, Senior Director of Corporate Communications & Industry Partnerships at ASE.

“Our powerSiP™ platform signifies another step forward for ASE in our endeavor to help enable more efficient power solutions and greener data center energy utilization that aligns with our corporate commitment to sustainability.”

“AI is permeating our lives incrementally and profoundly reshaping knowledge work, business function, and human experience, supported by powerful high-performance computational systems that are being optimized for efficiency within today’s data centers,” added Yin Chang, ASE’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“Advanced packaging is playing a pivotal role. This is the impetus behind the introduction of our powerSiP™ platform to the market. Offering unique advanced packaging structures and an innovative technology roadmap, powerSIP™ is evolving to deliver crucial data center system requirements including, power and performance efficiencies for AI and HPC applications.”

ASE’s powerSiP™ is already available. This transformative power delivery platform will expand along industry roadmaps and application requirements.

-06 June 2024-