Canon to Make Ultimate Business, Tech Growth in India

Highlighting India’s crucial role in its global growth strategy, Canon has outlined plans for strengthening its core business segments. Specifically, in imaging, printing, and surveillance. In addition, the company will equally focus on growing presence in the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display business and the medical industry.

With these plans in mind, the company is reaffirming its commitment to India.

Robust Industrial Equipment Business

In the industrial equipment business, Canon has a wide range of Semiconductor Lithography Equipment and Flat Panel Display Lithography Equipment. Accordingly, Canon aims to introduce state-of-the-art lithography solutions and emphasize eco-friendly practices in India.

Furthermore, beyond equipment provision, Canon’s commitment to India’s industry extends to talent development as well. With respect to healthcare, Canon has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced medical products and solutions from diagnostic imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions. With India as a key market, Canon further focuses on bolstering the rapidly growing medical business.

Howard Ozawa, Executive Vice President of Canon Inc., Chief Representative of Canon Asia Group, Chairman & CEO of Canon Marketing Asia, recognizes the importance of India as a market.

“As Canon continues to etch its global legacy across diverse domains, we recognize that India stands at the heart of our strategic ambitions. With a rich heritage of innovation and a commitment to excellence, Canon has become synonymous with cutting-edge imaging technology. India’s dynamic economy, vibrant culture, and tech-savvy population make it a critical market for Canon.”

In addition, Ozawa said, “Our existing segments (managed by Canon India Pvt. Ltd.), be it cameras, printers, or office solutions have thrived here, driven by the trust and loyalty of Indian consumers. Moreover, India remains a beacon of opportunity for us and recognizing the immense potential that the market holds, we are aiming to strengthen the semiconductor and medical business.”

Furthermore, Ozawa said Canon’s legacy meets India’s boundless potential. For that reason, the company sees an optimistic vision for Canon India to emerge as the leading company in the region by 2035.

Shares Potential of Indian Market

On the other hand, Kazunori Iwamoto, Advisory Director, Deputy Chief Executive of Optical Products Operations, Unit Executive of Semiconductor Production Equipment Unit of Canon Inc. said, “In the semiconductor business in India, we aim to introduce our advanced skillsets and knowledge to India, taking advantage of our over 50 years history in the exposure equipment business. Canon provides a variety of manufacturing solutions for the cutting-edge electronics industry.”

(From Left to Right) Mr Kazunori Iwamoto, Advisory Director of Canon Inc., Deputy Chief Executive of Optical Products Operations of Canon Inc., Unit Executive of Semiconductor Production Equipment Unit of Canon Inc., Mr Tiger Ishii, Executive Officer, Canon Inc., President & COO, Canon Marketing Asia, President & CEO, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd., Mr Howard Ozawa, Executive Vice President, Canon Inc., Chief Representative, Canon Asia Group, Chairman & CEO, Canon Marketing Asia, President & CEO of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Mr Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India, and Mr Koh Yamada, President, Canon Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd., at the Canon Presidents Meet in Mumbai where Canon announced significant expansion of core business in India, alongside strengthening Industrial and Medical Business.

Moreover, Iwamoto emphasized the company’s latest technology, called Nanoimprint lithography equipment. “(It) imprints a pattern on a mask onto a wafer to form a fine pattern. Compared to the conventional optical exposure tool, it has a simple configuration without complex optics and high power EUV, and the electric power consumption is only 1/10. In addition, not only by our cutting-edge technology and wide range of products, but also by developing talents through our global training curriculum, we will contribute to India’s semiconductor industrial growth.”

Leverages AI in Medial Field

Meanwhile, Koh Yamada, President, Canon Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd. also expressed optimism in India’s medial industry as a market for Canon. “Canon Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Canon Medical Systems Corporation in Japan. Canon Medical Systems has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced medical imaging from diagnostic and interventional imaging systems to healthcare IT solutions for the wider healthcare enterprise,” said Yamada.

In addition, Yamada said, “Recognized as a world leader in innovation, Canon Medical Systems continues to develop breakthrough technology and applications including using AI, to support diagnostic imaging and therapeutic needs.”

“In India, Canon Medical Systems aim to provide our customers with higher quality services as a priority,” Yamada added.

07 June 2024