Thai's 3rd Largest Smart Plant to Surge With New Tools

STANDARD ENERGY’s 3GW silicon wafer & 3GW photovoltaic (PV) cell smart factory in Thailand has received its first batch of equipment. Thus, marking a significant step toward production for this third-largest smart factory in Thailand.

Accordingly, the company’s investment has already exceeded  US$100 million. This development promises a substantial upgrade in Thailand’s photovoltaic smart manufacturing capabilities. Moreover, it will contribute new momentum to the global green transition.

STANDARD Factory Equipment Arrival Celebration Ceremony

Industrial Tech Innovation

The STANDARD ENERGY factory, located in the LK Rayong Industrial City Hub, covers an area of 120,000sq.m. Construction began in 2023 and has now commenced equipment installation.

The PV cell production line is expected to commence by July, with the silicon wafer production line following by September. STANDARD ENERGY specializes in N-type silicon wafers and PV cells technology, with an annual production capacity of 3GW each. As a crucial link in the photovoltaic industry chain, the wafers and cells produced at this factory will serve global PV panels manufacturers. Thus, ensuring supply chain traceability.

Moreover, this factory represents not only growth of production capacity, but also a benchmark for technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Aerial view of STANDARD factory

The facility remains committed to building fully intelligent production workshops. Furthermore, it will keep introducing advanced automation equipment and intelligent management systems to enhance product quality and production efficiency. For that reason, it will set the standard for local industrial manufacturing. This will effectively promote industrial upgrading and development within Thailand’s manufacturing sector.

STANDARD ENERGY will continue to push forward with high-quality and efficient construction of the factory, ensuring that the 3GW silicon wafer & 3GW PV cells factory can commence production on schedule and running successfully. This initiative will also support the coordinated development of Thailand’s renewable energy industry.

Moreover, this will create over 1,000 local jobs, and stimulate growth in related industries such as raw materials, equipment, logistics, driving comprehensive economic and social progress.

Company Profile

STANDARD ENERGY is a manufacturer specialized in the research development and production of solar cells. Specifically, the company engages in the research development, production, sale and service of solar cells.

Of all the company’s products, STANDARD Energy guarantees to meet international quality standards.

Presently, the company has increasing size and has been trading customers all over the world.

10 June 2024