Plasma-Therm Lifts UTAC's Clout in Chip Packaging

Plasma-Therm LLC has announced it met the requirement for advanced packaging expansion of United Test & Assembly (UTAC), Ltd. Recently, the company sold another Singulator® 300 Plasma Dicing system to UTAC for the expansion of its Singapore facility. Primarily, this repeat order will provide additional die singulation capacity to support UTAC’s growth.

Plasma-Therm is a leading manufacturer of plasma-process equipment for the silicon semiconductor, compound semiconductor and advanced packaging markets.


Mainly, the Singulator® 300 platform offers industry-leading plasma dicing on tape (PDOT) capabilities for wafer sizes up to 300mm. Also, it offers a flexible configuration ideally suited for high-volume manufacturing and pilot line production requirements.

“Plasma-Therm is pleased to provide an additional Singulator® 300 capacity to the UTAC’s world-leading outsource assembly & test manufacturing facility.  We look forward to expanding our long-term collaboration with UTAC in the emerging advanced packaging space,” says Plasma-Therms’ Chief Executive Officer Abdul Lateef.

“UTAC welcomes the expansion of Plasma Therm’s plasma dicing production capability at our Singapore facility.  The Singulator® 300 Plasma Dicing system will further enhance our advanced packaging die singulation technology and manufacturing capabilities,” states Dr. John Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer at UTAC.

-10 June 2024-