Keysight Tools Offer Better 5G Test to Samsung India

Keysight Technologies, Inc. said Samsung Semiconductor India Research (SSIR) has selected its solution to automate its 5G tests. Specifically, SSIR will start using the Keysight Signaling Field-To-Lab (S-FTL) solution to streamline and automate its 5G field-to-lab workflow in its Bengaluru lab.

The comprehensive, end-to-end 5G wireless protocol signaling solution improves end-user quality of experience (QoE). Moreover, it accelerates the replication, analysis, and resolution of 5G field issues in a test lab environment. 

Address Test Challenges

As 5G deployment continues, the focus has shifted to ensure users receive the highest QoE. That is, by rapidly resolving issues reported from the field. A significant challenge is replicating complicated field scenarios in a lab environment to identify possible solutions.

This involves the complex, time-consuming process of analyzing field logs. Oftentimes, it misses data or contains errors. To solve this challenge, mobile operators, device makers and chip manufacturers need an efficient and reliable test automation solution. Specifically, one that can quickly translate device field logs into precisely replicated protocol sequences in the lab.

Keysight’s S8701A Protocol R&D Toolset

To assist its global customer base, SSIR sought an intelligent test automation solution that could replicate field issues in its Bengaluru test lab. In addition, SSIR was looking for a solution allowing its engineers to focus on addressing field issues rather than analyzing logs or creating test cases. Therefore, SSIR chose the Keysight S-FTL solution because it enables automated test case creation from device field logs.

Leverage Each Other’s Strengths

Based on the 5G Protocol R&D Toolset, this solution automates the process by analyzing field logs for 5G / 4G and IMS. Thus, making protocol-based adjustments to ensure protocol-compliant behavior and then replicating the field scenario as a test script. The S-FTL solution features an open input log template that accommodates various formats to enable faster adoption into the workflow.

By using the Keysight S-FTL solution, SSIR has significantly reduced the time it takes to replicate field scenarios in the lab. At the same time, it increased the time its engineers spend on improving end-user QoE.

For that reason, the solution has helped resolve a wide range of issues from real-world scenarios such as voice / data calls, handovers, 5G to 4G mobility, and carrier aggregation for deployments ranging from single SIM, dual SIM, and dual connectivity. 

Balajee Sowrirajan, Corporate EVP & MD, SSIR, said, “Our partnership with Keysight has leveraged each of our strengths to recreate real-world field scenarios in a lab environment. This collaboration has accelerated the resolution of communication and connectivity issues for our wireless modem customers. With a comprehensive set of tools and techniques for testing.”

Furthermore, Sowrirajan said the S-FTL solution enables our engineers to identify and resolve communication issues more accurately. This has also helped to significantly save validation costs and turnaround time. In a nutshell, it has ensured reliability and cost-effectiveness, the two most critical components in today’s rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.

Meanwhile, Cao Peng, Vice President and General Manager for Keysight’s Wireless Test Group, said Keysight’s automated software-based chipset and device test solutions can help improve the efficiency of the process. Thus, Peng said Keysight can deliver test solutions that help accelerate the commercial introduction of 5G devices and networks to 5G leaders such as SSIR.”

26 June 2024