FUJI Pitches Mounting Solutions at Renovated Showroom

FUJI Corporation has opened its newly refurbished showroom at the company’s head office in Chiryu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan featuring the latest mounting models and solutions. Among them include the new Digital Twin line using the NXTR next-generation mounter and SmartWing SW-BA board assembly robocell.

New Manufacturing Landscape

Manufacturing sites are going through a dramatic change, which was perpetuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Production facilities are required to achieve higher speeds and higher precision. They are also demanded to have visualization and automation functions integrated with information technology using machine-to-machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoT). The showroom serves as avenue to propose latest models and solutions that meet these market changes.

Cutting-edge mounting solutions on display at FUJI’s refurbished showroom.

Advanced Nexim Platforms

The company also introduces various applications and mounting processes at the showroom with the NXTR next-generation mounter, which is positioned as a new platform of Nexim, at the core.

FUJI has been promoting FUJI Smart Factory, which is based on Nexim integrated production system using IoT and M2M, on the global markets. It realizes flexible and efficient production, such as automatic production changeover.

The new Digital Twin line makes use of Nexim’s simulation technology to reproduce existing surface-mount technology (SMT) floor on virtual space. On the modelled SMT floor online, various parameters can be set for each process, enabling confirmation of equipment introduction. These parameters could be numbers of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated components warehouses and workers, as well as working lines of workers.

The SmartWing SW-BA board assembly robocell is equipped with a SCARA robot. It can automate board assembling work, such as the mounting of odd-formed components. By offering various set functions necessary to automate manual works, it eliminates the need for conceptualized design on the part of customers. It features low cost and is easy to introduce. Featuring a slim arm structure, it supports high-precision works as well. The dedicated operation tool enables workers without experience and knowledge of robots operate the robot with simple inputs. They can achieve high-precision insertion by correcting the insertion position using the newly developed work camera and hand camera.

Multifunctional Mounters on Display

With NXTR, the company displays the NXTRS and NXTRA models.  The NXTRS model adopts a thorough modular design and achieves optimum line construction in accordance with production. It is equipped with new functions to maintain quality, cost and delivery (QCD) at high levels, including real-time sensing mounting, optimization of mounting operation and checking after mounting. The NXTRA model is equipped with a revamped function to maintain high quality and productivity and an automatic feeder exchange system, which frees the operator from product changeover and component supply works. 

Also displayed in the showroom are FUJI’s NXTⅢ modular multifunctional placement system, AIMEXⅢc scalable all-in-one placement system, sFAB-D modular multi-purpose automated fabrication machine, sFAB-α automatic components inserter, sTowerⅡ automated parts warehouse, automated maintenance unit, Hug transfer support robot, Quist public stocker system, and DLFn modular production equipment.