GF Boosts Grit GaN Manufacturing With New Buyout

GlobalFoundries (GF) has acquired Tagore Technology’s proprietary and production-proven Power Gallium Nitride (GaN) IP portfolio.

Accordingly, the high-power density solution can push the boundaries of efficiency and performance in a wide range of power applications. Specifically, in automotive, internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) datacenter. As the digital world continues to evolve with technologies like Generative AI, GaN stands out as a pivotal solution. Furthermore, it helps make sustainable and efficient power management in datacenters.

Leads to Disruptive Solutions

The announcement reinforces GF’s commitment to large-scale manufacturing of GaN technology. Therefore, offering a suite of benefits to help datacenters meet the increasing power demands while maintaining or improving power efficiency, reducing costs, and managing heat generation.

In addition, the acquisition expands GF’s power IP portfolio and broadens access to market-leading GaN IP. This will enable GF customers to quickly bring differentiated products to market.

As a part of the acquisition, a team of experienced engineers from Tagore, dedicated to the development of GaN technology, will be joining GF.

Niels Anderskouv, chief business officer at GF, said, “With this acquisition, GF takes another step toward accelerating the availability of GaN and empowering our customers to build the next generation of power management solutions that will reshape the future of mobility, connectivity and intelligence.”

“The accelerating demand for more power-efficient semiconductors is dramatically increasing. (Therefore), Tagore has been at the forefront of developing disruptive solutions using GaN technology for a wide range of power devices,” said Amitava Das, co-founder and chief operating officer of Tagore Technology. “The team and I are excited to join GlobalFoundries to increase our focus on market-leading IP that will help address power design challenges and support the continued evolution of automotive, industrial and AI datacenter power delivery systems.”

Forefront of Tech Advancements

In February 2024, GF got US$1.5 billion in direct funding under the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act. Part of that investment aims towards enabling the high-volume manufacturing of critical technologies. Specifically, GaN production to securely produce more essential chips.

Combining this manufacturing capacity with the technical know-how of the Tagore team, GF is set to transform AI system efficiency. Especially, in edge or IoT devices, where reduced power consumption is critical.

“GlobalFoundries is at the forefront of technological advancements. With Tagore Technology joining the GF India team, we will further enhance our tech capabilities, particularly in emerging areas like GaN,” said Jitendra Chaddah, vice president and India country head at GF. “I welcome the Tagore team to GF, and I am excited about the work we will do as we continue to grow and strengthen our engineering capabilities together.”

03 July 2024