Aetina, Solomon to Make Way for Better AI, 3D Vision

Edge AI solutions provider Aetina has partnered with  Solomon Technology Corporation, a AI and 3D vision company.

Accordingly, Aetina’s edge AI solutions powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ and NVIDIA-Certified Systems perfectly complement Solomon’s 3D and AI-powered machine vision devices. Together, they aim to deliver edge AI vision capabilities that are fully customizable. Moreover, they aim to unlock boundless possibilities for a broader range of verticals and applications worldwide.   

Benefits Manufacturing, Industrial

“By joining forces, Solomon and Aetina are delivering streamlined, customizable edge AI and 3D vision solutions. (This will) greatly accelerate productivity with minimal time and investment. As both of us are partners with NVIDIA, this highlights our seamless integration of hardware and software,” remarks Richard Hung, Vice President at Aetina.

Aetina teams up with Solomon to speed up AI and 3D vision.

On the other hand, Michael Lee, Director at Solomon, took note of Aetina’s comprehensive range of computing systems, solutions tailored for various applications. In addition, Lee said, “We look forward to combining our strengths to expand possibilities for countless industries.” 

Aetina’s solutions bring unparalleled computing power for AI training and inference. Thus, when combined with Solomon’s AI & 3D vision solutions, the collaboration benefits manufacturing and industrial enterprises. Specifically, they aim to streamlinine and automate complex tasks.

Amplify AI Training and Inference Power 

One of AI vision solutions – META-aivi utilized on SOP validation, is able to guide operators through augmented reality. Particularly, by using easy-access devices like tablets to ensure they follow the correct steps. It enables reducing human error and increasing productivity by elevating workplace intelligence.

Aetina’s MegaEdge system – AIP-KQ67, powered by Intel 12/13th Gen Core™ i9/i7/i5 and certified by NVIDIA NCS with NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU, features high performance with scalability. Thus, making it suitable for accelerating computer vision for AI training workloads. For AI inferencing, DeviceEdge platform – AIE-KX13/23, powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ AGX Orin™, deliver ultra-low latency inferencing with up to 275 TOPS.

Known for rapid deployment and customer centricity, Aetina and Solomon will continue to uphold these reputations. In addition, they will aim to solve challenges for various enterprises with tailored edge AI vision solutions.

11 July 2024